Andrii Dumych is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Techstack, specializing in cloud-based technologies and DevOps practices with almost 5 years of experience. With expertise in orchestrating infrastructure deployments and containerization using Kubernetes and Docker, Andrii ensures seamless integration and resilient environments. He leverages Google Cloud Platform services and implements various CI/CD pipelines for Big Data, Fintech, and IoT products with tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, CircleCI or other cloud-native solutions for streamlined delivery. Andrii's meticulous approach to infrastructure management includes implementing security measures and contributing to architectural review processes for security compliance best practices and the most cost-efficient infrastructure.

Andrii has obtained several notable certifications, including those from Google Cloud Platform and The Linux Foundation, demonstrating his proficiency in various areas. Through our company's blog, he actively shares his knowledge and expertise, providing up-to-date information and real-world use cases in cloud-based technologies and DevOps practices.