Software Development Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Optimize your healthcare operations and enhance patient care with Techstack's expertise in developing cutting-edge software solutions. With our deep industry knowledge and a team of experienced tech experts, we provide extensive expertise in custom solution development and deliver tailored software solutions to meet your specific needs.

Optimize your healthcare operations and enhance patient care with Techstack's expertise in developing cutting-edge software solutions. With our deep industry knowledge and a team of experienced tech experts, we provide extensive expertise in custom solution development and deliver tailored software solutions to meet your specific needs.


What Makes Our Team Different

10 years
of experience in the industry.
16 tech experts
with experience in the healthcare industry.
11 projects
were implemented with the help of our technical expertise.
67 %
of inbound products came through partner recommendations.

Our Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the process of product development and software certification in healthcare, as our software has received certification. Additionally, our proficiency in standard healthcare protocols like Health Level 7 and other empower us to deliver secure and interoperable solutions tailored to your goals.

Hospital Management System

Our expertise includes the development of software systems that streamline hospital operations and patient management. Electronic medical records (EMR), patient scheduling, billing and invoicing, inventory management, and other features may be included.

Health Monitoring Devices And Wearables

We specialize in the development of software for health monitoring devices and wearables such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and medical devices. Our team can assist in the design, development, and integration of software for data collection, analysis, and visualization to assist users in tracking their health and wellness.

Health Monitoring Software

Our expertise in Health Monitoring Software includes the creation of software applications capable of monitoring a variety of health parameters. Patients can use this software to manage their health conditions, and healthcare providers can use it to remotely monitor patient health and intervene as needed.

UI Kit

As a provider of custom-designed UI Kits, Techstack offers tailored solutions for healthcare applications. Our UI Kits can be designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and ensure user-friendly software that meets the demands of the industry.


Case Study by Techstack

Techstacks' team of expert technologists closely collaborated with our US-based partner to develop a scalable healthcare data integration for the beats screening module. We extended an existing monolith system with a new module that surpassed the capabilities of its predecessor. This expansion included integrating manageable tables, lists, and ECG charts with millions of data points.

Our goal was to streamline doctors' workflows and enhance diagnostic capabilities, empowering healthcare companies to efficiently handle large volumes of data.

Improved efficiency

Streamlined processes and enhanced system performance.

Enhanced data analysis

Access to tables, lists, and charts with millions of data points for easier analysis.


Designed to accommodate growing needs without additional infrastructure investment.

Case Study by Techstack

The execution by Techstack has been excellent. The entire team exhibits a 'can-do' attitude, actively researching and implementing modern technologies for advanced solutions. When additional architectural expertise was needed, it was easily accessible. They also promote open communication among team members, resulting in effective collaboration and a cohesive working environment.

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Medical Device Manufacturer


Patient-Centered Strategy


Conducting user research

We recognize the importance of conducting user research to gain insights into patients' needs, behaviors, and preferences in order to create truly patient-centric software.

Design with empathy

Once the needs and pain points of patients are identified, we can design solutions with empathy. This means creating products and services that are easy to use, accessible, and meet their needs.

Involving patients in the development process

We include patients in the development process to get feedback on prototypes and designs, with usability, accessibility, and personalization as top priorities. This contributes to the final product being user-friendly and meeting the needs of all patients, including those with disabilities.

Responsible use of patient data

We prioritize data privacy and security by ensuring that our developers use trusted software and adhere to relevant security regulations when handling patient data. Make an impact in healthcare with Techstack's trusted software solutions.

Most Recent Industry Facts

1.57 billion users
are expected in the Healthcare sector by 2027.
Source: Statista
82 %
of respondents are open to sharing data for improved customer experience via mobile apps.
Source: PwC
$ 641 PPM
the overall savings resulting from the use of digital health technology in 2022.
Source: McKinsey

Our Workflow



At Techstack, we understand the needs and requirements of healthcare providers and their products. Through extensive research on processes and contexts, we tailor our solutions to deliver customized software that aligns with specific challenges and objectives.


Once the investigation phase is over, we proceed to the execution stage, where we set up a team and processes required to deliver the product on time.

Performance and Testing

During the performance phase, our dedicated manager conducts weekly evaluations of the team's progress and health. With continuous testing, we swiftly address any software issues, ensuring a seamless execution.


We conduct a comprehensive examination of healthcare products, identifying areas for improvement and recommending necessary enhancements. Leveraging our diverse expertise, we scrutinize the industry from multiple perspectives to identify challenges and propose effective solutions that drive continuous improvement.

Support and Maintenance

Our team of expert technicians offers timely and efficient support, following the Escalation Matrix to address bug fixes and incidents based on severity and priority. We ensure that our partner’s software solutions are always performing at their best to avoid any downtime or disruptions.

Core Practices

Our healthcare software development services offer full-circle expertise in custom solutions, cloud & DevOps, big data & analytics, IoT, AI & ML, mobile app development, and UI/UX design. With our comprehensive approach, we have delivered successful solutions and also helped partners reach the next round of investments.

Serving Partners Worldwide

With 10 years of industry experience, Techstack has solidified its position as a trusted partner in healthcare, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging our technical expertise, we have successfully implemented solutions for our partners in the United States.

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