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Our software development consulting services are designed to help businesses build scalable and reliable software infrastructure, optimize their Agile processes, and introduce continuous integration and delivery into their development cycles. Leverage our expertise and improve your software development process or your product.

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Our software development consulting services are designed to help businesses build scalable and reliable software infrastructure, optimize their Agile processes, and introduce continuous integration and delivery into their development cycles. Leverage our expertise and improve your software development process or your product.


Information Technology Consulting Services

Building software products involves numerous facets, from roadmapping to the release cycle. Even the most badass team around can’t master all of them.

As a multi-faceted technology expert community and a software consulting agency, we strive to share our knowledge via software development consultancy so that you can reach better results.



Ensure your software infrastructure is scalable and reliable. Get help forming an infrastructure roadmap, choose the proper toolset (Terraform, Kubernetes), or get guidance in migration.


Process audit

Reimagine your Agile ceremonies to get the most out of your team processes. Get recommendations on how to fix process gaps and make rituals meaningful.


CI/CD roadmap

Introduce continuous integration and delivery into your software development process based on the recommended roadmap. Build or stabilize the existing release process.


Testing strategy

Introduce a testing strategy and roadmap to maximize your product development's quality. You may benefit from QA as a Service or adjusting QA team processes.


UX analysis

We will analyze your product to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the design. After that, we will suggest possible improvements that will help you achieve your business goals.


Consulting Benefits

  • Eliminate waste of effort and focus on value;
  • Minimize technical debt;
  • Improve code quality and release a quality product;
  • Improve motivation and engineering culture;
  • Optimize infrastructure costs;
  • Remove production issues and keep the environment stable.

Our IT Consulting Services

Techstack is a community of 170+ talented engineers who share one value—quality. No matter what condition the product is given to us in, we build processes and change the codebase in a way that leads to the highest product quality.

Techstack team size varies from small to large. The products we work on range from startups to big enterprises. We utilize unique collaboration models and processes for each case but always toward a common goal—to achieve maximum performance, maintain a healthy culture, and deliver a high-quality product to the end user. We are happy to apply our best practices and help you with software modernization or management consulting.

Development Process Audit

Project management process

  • The well-organized product roadmap.
  • Strong tech leadership.
  • Healthy tech culture.
  • An Agile process that fits business goals.
  • SCRUM / Kanban implementation.

Development process

  • Unit test culture.
  • Code review process.
  • Tech debt management.
  • Engineering culture.
  • Technical Roadmap.

Release process / Integration layer

  • Continuous integration.
  • Continuous delivery.
  • Scaling.
  • Low-risk releases.
  • Release manager role coaching.
  • Gitflow.
  • Integration between Release process and Development process.
  • Release testing strategy.

QA process

  • QA strategy in all development phases.
  • Automation QA ecosystem.
  • Continuous integration for Automation QA.
  • Test case management.
  • QA integration into Agile processes.

Business analytics process

  • High-quality User Stories.
  • Product Management process.
  • Product Roadmap definition/format/integration.
  • High-quality Grooming.
  • Product documentation strategy.

Software Audit


  • Cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure) architecture.
  • Serverless architecture.
  • Microservices architecture.
  • Service Bus (infrastructure communication) architecture.
  • Back End code architecture.
  • Front End code architecture.


  • Cost management / optimization.
  • AWS architecture roadmap.
  • Security configuration.
  • Terraform.
  • Kubernetes.
  • Autoscaling.

Code quality

  • Code standards.
  • Quality gates as part of continuous integration.
  • Automated source code documentation.
  • Efficient refactoring team habits.


  • Architecture security checklist.
  • Regular security audits/checks.
  • Zero trust security model.
  • OWASP Top 10.
  • Access control and secure development environment.


  • Deep dive into business objectives.
  • Domain analysis.
  • Information architecture review.
  • User flow analysis.
  • Usability testing.

Testing artifacts

  • Test strategy review.
  • Test plan review.
  • Test scenario audit.
  • Test cases audit.
  • Traceability matrix.
  • Software test reporting.

Database and data model

  • Relational database schema design.
  • Analytical database schema design.
  • Database migration.
  • Performance optimization.
  • High availability, data resilience.

Featured Case Study

Our dedicated team started a 3-year partnership with a prominent healthcare provider by analyzing their existing system and finding pathways for modernization. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and optimizing performance, we were able to enhance the overall functionality, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. The result? A seamless customer experience, improved efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction. Together, we are transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

The project followed a structured workflow, including initial software consultation, information gathering, system audit, bottleneck identification, roadmap development, proposal presentation, contract signing, and project kick-off. The implementation of the roadmap promises significant improvements in performance, user experience, and efficiency.

Outdated Tech Stack

The old tech stack hindered the quick delivery of new features and increased system failures and security vulnerabilities. The lack of support for these technologies limited access to updates and patches.

Black Boxes in System Code

The presence of black boxes in the codebase posed significant challenges. Through meticulous examination and code tracing, we deciphered their hidden mechanisms, shedding light on their operations.


The project has been well executed. The whole team has a 'Can do' attitude, researching and implementing modern technologies when an advanced solution is needed. When additional architectural expertise was needed - it was easily accessible.

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Anonymous (NDA), CTO

Medical Device Manufacturer

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Industries We Provide Consultancy To



In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, we help healthcare service providers navigate through complex IT challenges, optimize their infrastructure, and streamline processes by providing custom software consultant services. Our team of experts provides guidance on digital transformation, cloud migration, and data management.


Transportation and Logistics

Our software development consultancy services assist transportation and logistics companies in enhancing their software infrastructure and implementing agile processes. We offer expert advice on continuous integration and delivery, helping businesses improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Renewable Energy

As a software development consulting firm, we provide strategic consulting to renewable energy firms, focusing on optimizing their software development process and product quality. Our team assists in creating an infrastructure roadmap, auditing processes, and developing a continuous integration and delivery roadmap.



Being a software consultancy company in the manufacturing sector, we aid in building robust software infrastructure, minimizing technical debt, and improving code quality. We also conduct UX analysis to identify areas of improvement, helping manufacturers enhance their products and achieve their business goals.


Digital Transformation

We provide comprehensive software development consultation services to businesses undergoing digital transformation. Our team assists in setting up development processes, migrating systems to the cloud, reducing infrastructure costs, and lessening administrative workloads.


Consulting Experts

Oleksii Svystun

CTO, Software Architect, Elaborates on the technology strategy

Oleksii Svystun
Yevhenii Karachevtsev

R&D Engineer, Software Engineering Lead, Yevhenii will advise the best custom solution

Yevhenii Karachevtsev
Vitalii Dolotov

Sr. Director of Quality Engineering, Oversees technology-related initiatives

Vitalii Dolotov
Ivan Yeremenko

VP of Engineering, Full-stack development and microservices expert

Ivan Yeremenko
Dmytro Dytiuk

Chief Creative Officer, Aligns UX with users’ needs / business goals

Dmytro Dytiuk
Dmytro Shtapauk

Head of Account Management, Drives cross-functional process transformation

Dmytro Shtapauk

Our Approach

Techstack is dedicated to quality and the creation of high-standard products. Our expertise extends to offering proficient IT software consulting services whenever needed. We aim for perfection, blending a tech-savvy culture, a product-focused approach, and business goal orientation.

As a software consulting firm, we utilize intelligence systems for data-driven decisions, adding value to your software architecture. Each project is unique and requires a specific collaboration model, but our ultimate goal is consistent: aiding partners in achieving success through our knowledgeable software consultants.

Open Source Contributions

We contribute our expertise and developments to the global community. Our utilities and extensions for automation testing have gotten 100,000+ downloads at NuGet.

Global Certifications

As an IT software consulting company, our team consists of experienced professionals who have proven their competency by passing global certifications such as Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications, Data Access, ISTQB, PSM1 by, CSPO by Scrum Alliance, and more.

Profound Experience

Our product-oriented philosophy and over 10 years of experience in the market help us determine the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals.


We now have a true development partner that’s an integral part of our company

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Anonymous (NDA), Co-Founder

Vehicle Logistics Startup


Make an Impact With Us

Retain clients

We have slowed down client attrition and helped grow the platform’s client base, leading to product acquisition by one of the leading industry players.

Improve performance

We have reduced response time and improved system reliability of our partners' products through implementing a serverless architecture and tripled their growth speed.

Aim for quality

Fixing our partner’s testing process allowed the introduction of a CI/CD pipeline and QA automation, which helped reduce bugs to an average of 20-25%.


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