Oleksii has been immersed in the realm of software development for the past 12 years. In 2016, he co-founded Techstack, a company of highly qualified experts in software development.

Currently, Oleksii holds the positions of CTO and Software Architect. He excels in managing the utilization of technological resources, overseeing the intricate framework of system infrastructure, effectively conveying technology strategies to partners, and strategically devising plans to enhance system stability.

On Techstack's blog, Oleksii provides valuable insights about optimizing efficient and secure solutions. His expertise lies in evaluating, enacting, and integrating novel systems and infrastructure, establishing foolproof quality assurance and data protection protocols, and introducing the efficiency of a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Oleksii's expertise further includes monitoring KPIs and IT budgets, providing a comprehensive gauge of technological performance.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Oleksii's fascination with programming and computer science traces back to his formative years. His lifelong ardor for sharing and assimilating knowledge finds an outlet in his contributions to the Techstack blog.