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IoT solutions

Techstack is a company that provides tailored Internet of Things development services and staff augmentation. We are adaptable and experienced in building scalable IoT solutions that utilize AI and ML capabilities, store and manage data from various sources, and involve numerous interconnected devices.

Techstack helps IoT-focused companies solve the following challenges:


Lack of necessary skill sets

The IoT skills gap puts team members with experience in device engineering, big data, analytics, and cloud computing in high demand, but short supply. We're a community of full-range engineers,ready to share our experience and contribute to your IoT product success.


Insufficient testing and updating

If a device can’t be updated appropriately, it becomes more vulnerable to threats as time goes on. In IoT, there’s no easy way to update devices as you go. We protect your product consumers and hardware by building self-configured devices and consistent IoT testing.


Increased cost and time to market

The push for standards in the IoT industry is driven by the demand for interoperability and security. Implementing standards in IoT systems allows us to deliver results faster and at a lower cost. Standard boards and details help upscale the production of IoT devices.


System security

We thoroughly project the architecture of our IoT solutions to protect the system and protocol security. The Internet of Things involves the work of many interconnected devices, which makes providing security a top priority to eliminate the threat of unauthorized access.



We work with wired and wireless protocols. Leverage our expertise in optimizing connection speed and bandwidth capacity, as well as the speed and flexibility of placing various system elements using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite, and cellular technologies.


Cross-platform capabilities

We offer cross-platform capabilities, ensuring that your devices can all communicate with each other. Whether you're using mobile, cloud storage, or local hubs, our platform can connect them all, making it easy for you to access your data from any device.


Data collection and processing

Synchronize and cache data from IoT devices in an offline and online mode in real time without putting undue strain on the server's resources. We’re designing data collection, aggregation and processing systems, and Big Data solutions to operate with this data in the cloud storage.


IoT services

Techstack team size varies from small to large, and products we work on vary from startup to big enterprise, which have unique collaboration models and processes for each case but a common goal – to achieve maximum performance, keep healthy culture, and deliver a high-quality product to the end user.


Enterprise automation and transformation

We can help you design, build, and scale IoT systems to streamline your enterprise operations.


Smart home and office ecosystem

Get an IoT system that connects, integrates, and works seamlessly with devices in your house or office for your users’ lifestyle needs.


Quick start with a hardware MVP

Launch your IoT device faster. We implement a product POC or MVP for quick market fit testing and collecting actionable feedback from day one.


IoT development consulting

Get an expert review of your IoT systems, align them with your goals and receive an action plan. We’re well-versed in the latest IoT technologies and trends.


Integration of IoT devices into a software ecosystem

Leverage our vast experience in IoT technologies for integrating devices into your product ecosystem.


IoT technology stack by layers

We seamlessly improve our technical expertise and introduce the newest technology solutions. This is our approach — we exceed expectations to ensure unparalleled quality of service.

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Case studies


Internet of Things software development experts

CEO, Software Architect, Runs critical initiatives that make products grow

Ivan Ieremenko

CTO, Software Architect, Elaborates on the technology strategy

Oleksii Svystun

R&D Engineer, Software Engineering Lead, Comes up with solutions for business tasks

Yevhenii Karachevtsev


Our approach to IoT development

Tech community

Development is more than just a tool for work. It's an opportunity to create, improve, and contribute to the product and the world. That's why at Techstack, we create a technical community that meets and shares high development standards. We're committed to providing the resources and support that developers need to grow and succeed.

Ownership drives excellence

The best products are made when everyone works together towards a common goal. Our experts are not only responsible for the tasks they implement, but also for how those tasks will affect the product as a whole. Everyone involved feels a sense of responsibility for the final product, and so they put their heart and soul into creating something that they can be proud of. This sense of ownership is what drives us to create beautiful products that stand the test of time.




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