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Get custom UX and UI design services

Get an intuitive and attractive user interface that will make your business accessible to users and help you achieve your business goals.

A design team that will be a part of your product.


A solution that will fit the market and help you to receive your business goals.


An interface that will consider users' behavior and will help them to satisfy their needs.


An easily maintainable design system that will simplify the development and support of your product.


Seamless cross-team communication that drives better and faster results.


We build UX/UI for Mobile & Web

Techstack is a community of 170+ talented engineers, facilitators, and designers who strive to build tailor-made solutions.

Be it a small startup, medium-size, or worldwide enterprise, our top priority is to provide clear and accessible solutions that meet business objectives. Get a solution that combines business goals and objectives with solving user problems.

UX Design

User needs, usage context, and similar solutions analysis help design products that create maximum value.

UI Design

Our UI guides users seamlessly from the first glimpse at the solution to relieving their pain.

Web Design

We employ the best web design principles to build websites that are aesthetically pleasing and deliver business results.

Mobile App Design

We deliver increased user retention and attract new customers.

Our services

UX Audit;

Competitor analysis;

User research;

Product structure and strategy;



Usability testing;

Interface visualization;

Seamless design documentation;

Design implementation control.


In design we trust

We believe that design can make the world a little more comfortable, inclusive, and safe. With users in mind, we iterate on the user interface and experience to make them clear and accessible.

Business goals and user needs are our top priority. We are attentive to the needs, likes, and dislikes of those who interact with the design. With our UX/UI design service, we aim to produce solutions that make their lives easier.


We use a human-centered design approach to create tailor-made solutions for end-users' needs. Based on a deep empathy and quick prototype-feedback iterations, we choose the best solution that suits user needs.

Inspired by Don Norman’s user-centric philosophy, we use the following stages in our process:


Learn directly from users, immerse ourselves in their processes and needs.


Identify opportunities and build a prototype.


Control solution adoption and assess the results.

Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking integrates human needs, available technical resources, and natural business constraints. Steps of a design thinking framework:


Сonduct user research and dive deep into their routines.



Identify problems users encounter that need to be fixed.



Use imagination to generate creative ideas on how to fix them.



Create several representations of your ideas.



Get user feedback, iterate fast, and find a viable solution.


Case studies: UX/UI design services


We never stop improving your product

We have a pro-grade UX/UI design team that will make a smooth user experience and visualize your product’s landmark. Find us on Instagram and TikTok.

Head of Design, Product Designer

UX/UI Designer

Yulia Melnychenko

UX/UI Designer

Elizabeth Malygina

UX/UI Designer

Hanna Zhyhan

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