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From streamlined warehouse management to personalized customer interactions, our solutions digitize you out of inefficiency and simplify your daily processes. Unlock the potential of streamlined operations with our tech expertise.

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From streamlined warehouse management to personalized customer interactions, our solutions digitize you out of inefficiency and simplify your daily processes. Unlock the potential of streamlined operations with our tech expertise.


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Who We Serve


Carriers and shippers

Our logistics software development services empower shipping and carrier operations to achieve higher KPIs and optimize supply chain efficiency. We help carriers and shippers to manage inventory levels, plan shipments, and streamline communication.

Delivery and courier service companies

With our logistics software development services, you can optimize your routes, reduce delivery times, and improve efficiency. Our experts can help you handle complex supply chain processes, including tracking shipments, managing inventory, and maximizing efficiency.

Digital logistics providers

Our logistics software development services cater to different aspects of logistics operations, such as route optimization, warehouse management, and freight forwarding. Our systems are designed to streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and increase transparency.

Retailers and eCommerce

We specialize in creating customized solutions to automate inventory management, centralize order fulfillment, simplify shipping processes and provide real-time visibility into your logistics operations.

Car rental companies

With our transport and logistics software development services, you can simplify the booking process, track vehicle movement, and generate deep insights into customer behavior. You can easily manage your fleet of vehicles and reduce the hassles of manual tracking and monitoring.

3PL and 4PL providers

We understand that every 3PL and 4PL provider has unique needs and priorities, and our development approach is designed to reflect that. We work closely with you to understand your business and help you optimize your logistics processes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Transportation and Logistics Software Development Services at Techstack

Shipping management

With custom software solutions, you can easily manage your order lifecycle, from entry and fulfillment to inventory management, packing, shipping, and tracking, all while ensuring optimal GPS navigation and mobile reporting capabilities.

Fleet management

Our transportation software development services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on real-time inputs such as order volume, traffic, and weather updates.

Freight management

With custom-built software designed specifically for the freight industry, you can better align inventory with demand and optimize the flow of goods, minimizing in-house and external risks and ensuring that you are always on top of your supply chain management.

Order management

Validating orders and tracking shipments and returns is much easier when using custom-built logistics software. With personalized features, teams can efficiently handle logistics and streamline processes from order placement to delivery and returns.

Warehouse management

We can help you effortlessly manage assets, inventory, and team performance, all from one location. Our engineers can automate crucial processes, allowing you to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Supply chain management

We can build custom solutions for a supply chain, including advanced sourcing and supply management, real-time collaboration, monitoring and planning modules, and yard management, all designed to optimize your supply chain operations.

Data analytics

We deliver software solutions powered by BI and reporting tools to help you closely monitor KPIs, optimize resource utilization, streamline reporting processes, reduce operational inefficiencies, and minimize losses.


Case Study by Techstack

By partnering with a logistics company located in the US, we have developed a cutting-edge auction system for cargo that enables carriers to bid on available shipments efficiently. Our solution streamlines the bidding process by automatically allocating cargo to carriers who accept the initial price and offers percentage-based bidding, mimicking the physical handling of cargo. This sophisticated technology enables carriers to bid competitively on shipments, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for our partner.

Web-based bidding process

Incorporating a real-time bidding feature into our process posed a challenge. Ensuring security and transparency for buyers and sellers while managing a high volume of traffic and multiple simultaneous bids required a complex tech solution.

Bid processing and validation

Our challenge was to optimize the processing and validation of bids to reduce errors and speed up the workflow. Moreover, we committed to developing a solution scalable enough to manage concurrent bids across heterogeneous clients while maintaining data integrity and accuracy.

Determination of winning bids

When developing our transportation company's cargo action tool, determining winning bids posed a significant technical challenge. With so many variables to consider, including transport distance, cargo weight, and delivery timeframe, it was difficult to identify the most cost-effective bids without compromising on quality.

Case Study by Techstack

They’ve successfully developed and delivered our mobile app's iOS and Android versions, a huge milestone. They also help us facilitate the transportation of thousands of vehicles through the software they’ve built and implemented.

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Vehicle Logistics Startup

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Our Expertise in Logistics Software Development Solutions

Predictive analytics and big data

We leverage the latest technologies to ensure real-time data ingestion and integration. By establishing robust data pipelines, we enable our partners to have a centralized and consistent view of their data, which forms the foundation for effective analytics. Right arrow

AI and ML

Our skilled engineers are Google-certified AI/ML developers. With the integration of  AI/ML models into a software product, we can improve accuracy and enable businesses to make more informed decisions and provide better services. Right arrow

Cloud-based solutions

All our cloud engineers have certificates from leading cloud providers, including Google and Amazon. With over 9 years of experience with AWS Cloud Services, we know how to move the infrastructure to the cloud without any downtime or build serverless products from the ground up with millions of active users. Right arrow


Our team of engineers possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of IoT, making us well-equipped to meet a wide range of requirements, even building your own IoT device. Right arrow


We have an in-house team of 8 DevOps engineers and extensive experience implementing DevSecOps technologies. Our approach focuses on integrating security and testing into every stage of the development process, streamlining the development timeline and reducing risks. Right arrow

Mobile Apps

We cover all stages of mobile app development in house, from idea research and PoC to MVP and deployment. Our expertise lies in developing intuitive and efficient user interfaces, incorporating real-time data analytics, and using emerging technologies like IoT. Right arrow

Web Apps

With 10 years of experience and extensive expertise in web app development, we know how to optimize processes and provide real-time visibility into operations. The in-house team of senior developers, solution architects, UX/ UI designers, and QA specialists can build secure and scalable web applications for your domain. Right arrow


What Makes Us Different

Product-first approach

At Techstack, we prioritize a product-first approach to software development. This means that we put immense effort into product development strategies, ensuring that the final product is top-of-the-line and brings value to your business. Our innovative spirit drives us to constantly improve and achieve your product goals, ensuring success in delivering your objectives.

End-to-end development

Our team of senior engineers can take your early concepts and prototypes and turn them into a complete, tested product. By partnering with us for your logistics software development, you get a seamless process from start to finish.

Expert technology advice

Techstack's partnership grants you access to our extensive expertise spanning across more than 10 industries and 11 technical domains. This knowledge empowers us to tackle unconventional challenges and devise optimal solutions for developing logistics and transportation products tailored to meet the market's demands.


Development Workflow That We Follow



Your partnership with us starts with a comprehensive investigation of your logistics and transportation software development needs. We conduct thorough research on the processes and contexts surrounding your product to provide sustainable solutions that benefit your business.


The execution of logistics software development requires a dedicated team of skilled professionals and meticulous processes. With our expertise, we ensure the timely delivery of a top-quality product that meets the specific needs of your business.

Performance and Testing

We understand the importance of performance and testing when it comes to logistics software. That's why our team of QA analysts follows a strict "plan-do-check-act" approach to ensure reliable solutions for our clients. We thoroughly test the product to guarantee client satisfaction and provide an excellent user experience.


With a focus on user experience and software efficiency, we provide continuous upkeep and modernization to ensure your logistics software product stays ahead of the competition. From patching glitches and bugs to custom update requests, we're here to help your business grow and thrive.

Support and Maintenance

Our expert technicians provide extensive support and maintenance for your logistics software development product. With a comprehensive range of services, including debugging, remote assistance, and user training, we ensure that your software never experiences downtime or disruptions.

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