Custom Mobile App Development Services

We offer custom mobile app development services for businesses, including cross-platform development with React Native, Cordova, and Flutter, as well as native app development for Android and iOS. Partner with our mobile app development experts for industry-specific solutions.

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We offer custom mobile app development services for businesses, including cross-platform development with React Native, Cordova, and Flutter, as well as native app development for Android and iOS. Partner with our mobile app development experts for industry-specific solutions.


What You Get


An app that your customers will love interacting with

Implement data-led validated user experience and UI design.

Increased mobile app customer engagement level

Transform users into loyal service customers and get more revenue.

Consistent, predictable and cost-efficient development process

Increase operational efficiency and launch your product to app stores faster.

What We Do

Techstack is a community of 170+ highly-skilled engineers, facilitators, and growth builders who strive to provide excellent mobile app development services for multiple platforms.

Custom business apps

We offer the most suitable solutions, including ready-made patterns combined with your business idea or building from scratch.

Mobile platform with pre-made modules

Chatbots, beacon-based navigation, notification, and more—you choose what you need. Finish faster without loss in quality.

Industry-specific mobile apps

We can create a mobile app for any industry. Get a spot-on mobile solution that meets the demands of your customers.

Cross platform app development

React Native

React Native is a popular choice for developing seamlessly performing native Android and iOS apps.


Cordova wraps your HTML/JavaScript app into a native container which can access the device functions of several platforms.


Create user interfaces for any screen using cross-platform development: iOS, Android, web and desktop applications.

Native mobile app development


Your app will consistently work across all devices and leverage any Android tech available to date.


We develop highly secure, high-performing, better optimizing, crash-proof and elegant iOS apps.

Mobile Application Development Technology Stack

We seamlessly improve our technical expertise and introduce the newest technology solutions. This is our approach—we exceed expectations to ensure the unparalleled quality of custom app development services.


  • Languages: Java/Kotlin
  • IDE: Android Studio
  • Software Development Kit: Android SDK
  • UI: XML
  • Builder: Gradle
  • Components: Android Jetpack
  • DB: SQLite, Room, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Firestore
  • Network: Retrofit, OkHttp, Firebase
  • Test: JUnit, Mockk
  • Release: Google Play Market


  • Languages: Swift/Objective-C
  • IDE: Xcode
  • Software Development Kit: IOS SDK(UIKit, Foundation, Core Data)
  • UI: Storyboards, Interface Builder and Auto Layout (UIKit, SwiftUI)
  • Builder: Cocoapods
  • Components: Cocoa Touch
  • AR/ML: ARKit and Core ML
  • Test: XCTest
  • Release: App Store

React Native

  • Languages: JavaScript / TypeScript
  • UI: Styled components, Tailwind
  • Builder: Gradle / Cocoapods
  • Components: RN Paper, RN Elements, RN UI Kitten, NativeBase, Material UI Kit
  • State Managers: MobX, MobX State Tree, Redux, Redux Toolkit, Zustand, Context


  • Development Area: Native, Expo
  • Test: Jest, Enzyme, React Native Test Library
  • Release: App Store / Google Play Market


  • Languages: Dart
  • UI: Material / Cupertino
  • Builder: Gradle / Cocoapods
  • Components: Flutter Widgets
  • State Managers: Provider, Riverpod, MobX, Get, GetX
  • Network: http, dio
  • API: chopper, graphql_flutter
  • Test: flutter_test
  • Release: App Store / Google Play Market / Web


  • Frameworks/libs: Angular / React / Vue
  • Languages: JavaScript / TypeScript
  • UI: UI Components
  • Builder: Gradle / Cocoapods
  • Native: Capacitor, Cordova
  • State Managers: NgRx, MobX, MobX State Tree, Redux, Redux Toolkit, Zustand
  • Test: Jasmine, Jest
  • Release: App Store / Google Play Market / Web

Case Study by Techstack

We have developed an iOS app for the entertainment industry in collaboration with our US-based partner. This solution is a decentralized blockchain network that enables sports fans to connect and share videos and fan cards. Thanks to the redefined product architecture, infrastructure costs have been reduced by 20-30 percent, creating a highly customizable and engaging platform.

User experience

Our primary objective as a mobile application and software development company was to create an unparalleled and truly immersive experience for sports enthusiasts. In pursuit of this goal, we dedicated our efforts to developing a dynamic environment that engages them on multiple levels, catering to their passion for sports through meticulously crafted features and interactive elements.

Moving to IaaS

To overcome code quality, architecture, and deadline challenges, we implemented effective measures for process improvement, code enhancement, and scalability. Our approach involved adopting serverless architecture, utilizing Terrasoft for infrastructure management, and implementing fault isolation through availability zones in the application that decreased the infrastructure costs by 20-30 percent.

Third-party services

The platform was seamlessly integrated with third-party services such as Sendbird, Twilio, and Zoom into our product modules. To efficiently manage resources, we have established a centralized warehouse that ensures consistent data aggregation and storage across all third-party platforms.

Case Study by Techstack

Ivan and his team did some great work for us at Ruckify, acting as a full partner in our development processes - working with our established processes, but passing on suggestions for improvements when they saw opportunities.

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Graham Brown

Commercial Software Executive

More product details

Our Approach to Mobile App Development Services

We combine a unique tech-savvy culture, a product-oriented approach, and a strong focus on achieving business goals when providing mobile app design and development services. With our extensive expertise in developing a CI/CD process, our skilled app verification team ensures the seamless uploading of your app to an app marketplace while ensuring its consistent performance in real-world scenarios.

Domain proficiency

Technical mobile app development solutions we provide go hand in hand with business domain specifics such as who the users are, how long it takes to onboard them, how they will use it, and what platforms our solution should cover.

Be a part of the team

Teamwork brings meaningful results. When we become part of a product team, we work to create teamwork, develop it, and strive to understand all the aspects of the business and take ownership of the decisions we make.

Data-driven decisions

We do exactly what will work for your product. Our intelligence systems allow for making data-driven decisions and validating hypotheses. We believe that this approach adds value to every application layer.


Of building technology solutions.


Of our projects have come from recommendations given by our existing clients.


Of partners cooperate with us on an ongoing basis.

They were willing to help us add a developer at a smaller cost to reach our goals — everything was ideal.

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Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace

They facilitate open communications with each member, and the team works well together.

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Medical Device Manufacturer


We Never Stop Improving Your Product

Tech Experts Team

Specializing in various product development areas and showing deep knowledge in their field.

Development Team

Mobile app developers, QAs and designers are the driving force behind product development.

Management Team

Managers and facilitators ensure seamless communication and product development.

R&D Engineer, Software Engineering Lead, Comes up with solutions for business tasks.

VP of Engineering, Leads the Tech Experts Program and team.

Head of Human Resources, Finds the best talent to fit the product’s culture.

Head of Account Management, Ensures smooth communication and results.

Sr. Director of Quality Engineering, Leads QA and implements a data-driven culture.

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The Cost of Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app is a complex task that requires the collaboration of multiple teams and careful execution of various steps to achieve a successful end result. But as a custom mobile app development company, we cover all of the steps.

Mobile app development with pre-made design concepts

Pre-designed templates and frameworks provide a solid foundation for crafting visually appealing mobile apps. Embracing pre-made design concepts enables developers to enhance productivity and create stunning mobile experiences with ease and efficiency.

Mobile app as a part of a complex software solution

Developing a mobile app as part of a business software solution offers cost advantages compared to building an app from scratch. By leveraging existing infrastructure and resources, we can optimize time and expenses for app development.

Full-cycle mobile app development

Our comprehensive mobile app development process covers everything from concept ideation to maintenance. With seamless integration, faster time-to-market, and superior support, we deliver robust and successful mobile applications that stand out from the competition.

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