Case StudiesMobile Social Network for Sports Fans

Mobile Social Network for Sports Fans

A social iOS application for sports, culture, and science fans to communicate with each other, share interests, create and share videos; store, exhibit, and compare fan cards or other digitized physical items (NFT) in a decentralized blockchain, and play fantasy sports.


Leisure & Entertainment


Back End Development, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design


San Francisco, US



Poor code quality, expensive architecture, lack of process management, and failed deadlines. The product needed deeper technical expertise.



Today there’s no platform on the market that will encapsulate so many necessary aspects of fans’ lives under its umbrella, including live communication experiences, sports statistics, rankings, odds tables, fantasy sports, exchanging digitized collectibles, and more.

User experience

The task was to provide a revolutionary experience for sports fans by designing a multifaceted universe for their engagement. We started with collecting customer requirements and competitor analysis. Based on the insights found, we built a user flow, and wireframe, and formed a UI concept. Once the concept was negotiated, we created a UI design and a high-fidelity prototype for investors. Quality is key for a great UI/UX, so we conducted UI design testing and maintenance of the design implementation process on later iterations.

Moving to IaaS

The initial project had poor code quality, fragmented and expensive architecture, and failed deadlines. Without clearly defined processes, the team couldn’t cope with the quick scaling and onboarding of new members. The first task was to fix issues in process design and improve code quality so that the team could smoothly scale.

We applied serverless architecture and rewrote code to infrastructure-as-a-code using Terrasoft, which allows you to create, update, and version your AWS infrastructure. We also widely used availability zones so that some parts of the application were isolated from failures in other parts.

Integration of third-party services

In parallel, we worked on building a social media application for iOS in several steps. The features we took part in are sharing video content, messaging, and more.

When developing product modules, third-party services integration was necessary. We integrated the platform with Sendbird, Twillio, and Zoom. There was also a problem with storing resources from third-party providers. We built a one-stop warehouse for data aggregation and storage so that resources were the same on each third-party platform.

Mobile Social Network

Technologies Used

The success of any modern application depends on its technological infrastructure. For this social iOS application designed for sports, culture, and science fans, we have chosen a robust technology stack that caters to our partners' requirements. The technology stack is built to ensure speed, stability, and scalability to support a seamless user experience.

Mobile Social Network for Sports Fans

About the team

The self-managed product development team is distributed in different locations and time zones across the globe.

Team composition

  • Back-end Team Lead


  • Back-end developers


  • Front-end Team Lead


  • Front-end developers


  • DevOps engineer


  • UI/UX designer




Our team members enhanced code quality and ensured the uninterrupted operation of the high-load system. They redefined product architecture, which reduced infrastructure costs by 20-30 percent. Optimized processes allowed to scale the international distributed team smoothly without downtime.

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