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Our story

In 2014, Ivan Ieremenko (CEO) and Oleksii Svistun (CTO) teamed up to work on several products together, including a proprietary product for hospitality service automation called ServeMe. They dreamed of creating a unique space for building and growing exciting software products. Two years later, Artem Dolotov (COO) joined the team as a co-founder, and they could move to their goals faster.

Soon, the team started working on a new fundraising product and helped them search for a product-market fit and develop a modern technology basis. In 2017, Techstack became a major technology partner for one of the world's leading software manufacturers involved in developing a wide range of products that optimize computer systems’ performance – Corel Corporation. Since then, the company has begun to transform its inner structure to enable future growth.

During the period of active development and implementing an expertise-sharing culture and initiatives, we joined two new partners, formed sales, people, communication, and marketing departments, and expanded the team.

Today, Techstack is a community of 170+ people that collaborate on software products. We have built a cutting-edge product creation space because we’re inspired by making and seeing our contributions, achieving high quality standards, and providing value to products.


What’s at the Core



Become a source of engineering excellence in the technology industry.



Bring high standards to the technology industry.

Our Values:



What we do, we do well.



Always be at the edge of technology.



Challenge and be challenged.



Craft solutions to fit the business perfectly.



Feel ownership of what's done and what needs to be done.



We work with exceptional people who do exceptional things.



Enjoy the collaborative and creative rhythm.


Our team

CEO, Сo-Founder, Ensures the growth of products, teams, and culture of Techstack

Ivan Ieremenko

Managing Partner, Facilitates communication between partners and the team

Max Levytskyi

Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder, Oversees operations to keep businesses on track

Artem Dolotov

CTO, Сo-Founder, Elaborates on the technology strategy

Oleksii Svystun

Sr. Director of Quality Engineering, Oversees quality product development

Vitalii Dolotov

Head of Human Resources, Finds the best talents and ensures their growth and fulfillment

Maria Darmanian

VP of Engineering, Leads architecture and development in large-scale products

Ivan Yeremenko

Chief Creative Officer, Aligns UX with users' needs and business goals

Dmytro Dytiuk

Head of Account Management, Drives cross-functional business process transformation

Dmytro Shtapauk

Head of Marketing, Leads the marketing strategy and growth of our tech community

Nastasiia Dudnik


What makes us special

Focus on product

Our team of highly responsible specialists works tirelessly and with great dedication to create business advantages for our partners.

At Techstack, we are committed to quality and creating products that meet the highest standards. We combine a unique tech-savvy culture, a product-oriented approach, and a strong focus on achieving business goals. Whenever you need us, you can get helpful and knowledgeable support.

Team growth

We always assist Techstack members with challenging tasks. We learn and grow along the way.

Techstack has a flat organization structure, meaning that you can access any specialist directly and cope with challenges side by side.

We implemented the Tech Experts growth program for those willing to extend their expertise and build soft skills in technology.

Making an impact (CSR)

We strive to do everything we can to make the world a more exciting place.

Each of us helps in our own way. For many, hard and quality work itself is a contribution. Others go deeper: they donate to Ukrainian defense and run charity initiatives supporting orphans, children, animals, the elderly, and nature. We have huge hearts. The love and care of our members go far.

Sharing expertise

We strive to be pacemakers in accumulating and sharing technical expertise.

Education support includes raising overall technology awareness levels. We help proactive people grow their skills in tech, match with real market needs, and build more quality software by sharing our experience, free training programs, and making open-source contributions to dev communities.


Our partners

Long-term creative work on products allows us to make exciting things we’re proud of and be ready to provide more than is expected from us.

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Shoutout from our partners

Over the past week we’ve been following developments in the Ukraine with more than a casual interest. Over the summer we’ve had the privilege of working with the talented Techstack Ltd team on building a component in our digital solution.

It may have been scary to hear fighter jets fly over the team during a stand up, and it certainly required creativity to assemble the IoT components without access to courier and parcel services.

We are currently testing the solution in the field but our hearts are with the techstack team who have been able to keep their business going with professionalism and commitment during the most difficult situation one could imagine.

We wanted to not only extend our appreciation but also express our respect. Thank you and keep winning!

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Author avatar

Ferdi Van Heerden

Co-Founder at cooko.co

Ivan and his team did some great work for us at Ruckify, acting as a full partner in our development processes - working with our established processes, but passing on suggestions for improvements when they saw opportunities.

They were quick to scale or make adjustments to the team as our needs changed up and down, and all was done with great communication.

Great to see the team there come through the difficulties and be poised again to grow - they richly deserve it!

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Author avatar

Graham Brown

Commercial Software Executive, with focus on Operational Excellence

I liked working with Techstack because I trusted the founders. There are a lot of development companies, and they’ve got good senior leadership, but the original founders are often detached from the company. Whereas with Techstack, the founders are still driving the company and hiring the staff.

As far as the engineers, I always had really competent people working with me. The whole team of 50 developers was really great people.

Additionally, we found that their recommendations were quite good. If they suggested that we had to stick with existing technology because the migration wasn’t worth the effort, that generally was a good recommendation.

Engage them as early as possible and lean on their technical, strategic, and architectural expertise.

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Mark Beare

Former VP Research & Development, Corel Corporation

The whole team has a 'Can do' attitude, researching and implementing modern technologies when an advanced solution is needed. When additional architectural expertise was needed – it was easily accessible.

This has been the best solution for team extension. The company was able to rapidly scale the project team when needed, provide an advisor resource and implement new technologies. They facilitate open communication with each member, and the team works well together.

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CTO, Medical Device Manufacturer


Our people

At Techstack, we've implemented a unique supportive culture of ownership, friendship, and passion for building products. Each of us does not fear, but invites challenges to become stronger day by day and revolutionize how people do things.

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