Cloud Application Development Services

Our cloud team is certified by two industry-leading cloud platforms - AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Cloud. Our expertise gathered over 9+ years of experience includes cloud application development services and modernization, providing consultation, managed services, and migration solutions.

Our cloud team is certified by two industry-leading cloud platforms - AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Cloud. Our expertise gathered over 9+ years of experience includes cloud application development services and modernization, providing consultation, managed services, and migration solutions.


Leverage Cloud Native Development Services

Leveraging cloud-based development services offers significant benefits for technology products, enabling shorter development cycles and cost optimization.


Cloud application development

Harness cutting-edge technology to craft custom cloud applications tailored to any task. From cloud-based software development to software as a service (SaaS), hybrid apps to general operations in the cloud, our expert team will assist you at every stage of your product development.

Cloud integration

Bridge the gap between ‘as-is’ processes and ‘to-be’ solutions. We specialize in integrating various services, from data to applications, to increase efficiency within your unique business model. Reduce integration bugs and leverage the power of APIs to connect and interact with different systems and database solutions.

Cloud migration

Unlock your company's potential with our cloud migration services. We provide a secure and reliable transfer of your infrastructure and applications to the cloud, ensuring they meet the highest security standards. We have already migrated over 100 servers to 8 without source code or downtime.

Cloud architecture setup

Our company provides robust and secure cloud infrastructure development services for businesses. Our focus is on cost-effectiveness, allowing you to scale up your architecture quickly. We provide services from application reengineering in a service-oriented design to implementing serverless or microservice architecture, minimizing cold start.

Cloud consulting

We will provide tailored solutions and an objective evaluation of existing systems. Our consulting services cover strategy development, readiness assessment, and implementation assessment to help ensure a smooth transition into cloud technology. Leverage all a cloud platform has to offer.

Case Study by Techstack

We have assisted an independent energy provider from California, USA, in developing a cloud platform for EV charging stations. This software product, integrated into a comprehensive energy platform, enables seamless tracking, management, and analysis of data directly from the EV charger. Targeted toward third-party users, this cloud product sets the stage for streamlined operations in the rapidly evolving EV charging industry.

High-load infrastructure

With a continuous influx of data, our team faced the challenge of building a robust cloud architecture that could seamlessly handle the increasing data loads and mitigate any potential bottlenecks. Our approach involved optimizing data transfer mechanisms, addressing both hardware and software limitations, and guaranteeing consistent performance even during peak traffic conditions.

Data integrity

Creating a resilient system for EV charging stations presented a significant hurdle, given the requirement for efficient data buffering, mapping, filtering, and transmission while upholding data integrity. Our approach included the implementation of advanced techniques to handle data fluctuations, fine-tuning algorithms to extract relevant information, and employing reliable protocols for seamless data transmission.


For this product, achieving scalability and reliability were paramount. We embarked on developing a scalable product that could effortlessly handle varying loads and adapt to ever-changing requirements. We placed significant emphasis on precise performance optimization to guarantee seamless application responsiveness even during peak usage.

Cloud platform for car charging stations

Cloud platform for car charging stations

Industries We Serve

Our expertise lies in creating tailored solutions that prioritize partners’ needs, leveraging the cloud's scalability, efficiency, and ironclad security to ensure unparalleled results for your business. Cloud-based ecosystems we have built can handle millions of users and requests, ensuring seamless performance and reliability.


With our expertise in designing and building mobile apps, we offer secure data storage and simplify patient engagement. Our expert team delivers streamlined cloud app development services that drive operational efficiency, boost revenue, and enhance the patient experience. We have already helped healthcare providers to migrate from on-premise servers to the cloud, thus cutting down their expenses while boosting their efficiency.

Transportation and Logistics

With cloud-based solutions, you can monitor inventory, shipments, and deliveries in real-time, increasing visibility and improving the overall efficiency of your fleet and workforce. Our team has extensive experience in providing cloud software development services and can seamlessly migrate businesses to the cloud without any downtime. Having leveraged our cloud-native development services, our partners reduced maintenance costs and automated manual processes, freeing up more time to focus on growth and development.


Our experienced team of 10+ cloud experts can help you with moving software to the cloud and improving efficiency, gaining better control over resources, reducing delays, and saving costs. Furthermore, using cloud applications allows for easier collaboration between teams and provides real-time data analysis.

Renewable energy

By incorporating cloud-native architecture principles like serverless, microservices, and containers, we can streamline the development process and reduce infrastructure costs. With 10+ years of expertise in AWS cloud services, we can help you build efficient, scalable, and secure cloud apps that leverage renewable energy sources.

Digital transformation

Our track record in digital transformation speaks volumes. We specialize in agile transformation and guaranteeing high-quality standards for our solutions and services, including digital governance and compliance. While leveraging modern tools and revolutionary cloud technologies, we have enabled our partners to achieve unprecedented growth, surpassing even the realm of unicorns.


Technology Stack

We elevate our technical prowess to introduce cutting-edge technology solutions that set us apart. Our approach is to surpass expectations, delivering unparalleled quality with our cloud computing development services.

Cloud Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MacStadium

Operating System Management and Configuration

  • Linux Distributions (Debian-Based: Ubuntu, Debian; RHEL-Based: CentOS, Fedora, RHEL; Others: Alpine, Arch Linux)
  • Windows

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  • Heroku
  • Vercel
  • Firebase
  • Netlify

CI/CD and Automation

  • AWS CodeSuite (AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline)
  • GCP Cloud Build
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
  • CircleCI
  • Visual Studio App Center
  • Travis CI
  • GitHub Actions
  • GitHub Actions + EKS Runners
  • Terraform Atlantis
  • AWS Step Functions

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • Terraform
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Ansible
  • Vagrant
  • Puppet
  • Serverless Framework
  • Helm
  • Kustomize
  • FluxCD


  • Datadog
  • New Relic
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • GCP Logging and Monitoring
  • IBM Instana
  • Sentry
  • Papertrail
  • Loggly
  • AWS X-Ray
  • Grafana (many sources, e.g., Prometheus)

Resources Orchestration and Management

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Docker Swarm


  • Azure Sentinel
  • Google Security Command Center
  • AWS GuardDuty
  • AWS Detective
  • AWS Secrets Manager
  • Terraform Sentinel Policies

Specialized Services for AI, Machine Learning, Data Streaming, etc.

  • GCP Vertex AI
  • AWS SageMaker
  • AWS Kinesis
  • AWS IoT
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS EventBridge

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Go (Golang)

Collaboration and Source Control

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • BitBucket

Cloud Computing Development Benefits


Lower costs

By leveraging serverless architecture, you can effectively minimize your infrastructure spending, leading to significant cost reductions. Not only does this cost-effective approach contribute to financial savings, but it also provides a highly flexible experience that allows for seamless scalability and adaptability to match your business needs.


Enhanced scalability options

With the power of the cloud, you gain the incredible ability to scale up or down effortlessly. This scalability ensures you can efficiently handle high-load situations without worrying about costly infrastructure issues. Plus, by leveraging the cloud, you avoid overspending while maintaining optimal performance.


Improved flexibility

To ensure smooth operations and effectively meet the evolving demands of the business, it is crucial to make swift adjustments to the application infrastructure. By staying proactive and responsive in addressing the dynamic business requirements, you can effectively align your technology ecosystem with your needs and objectives.


Data loss prevention

To ensure the highest level of data security, we can implement a comprehensive backup system that incorporates redundant hardware configurations. Our team will work closely with you to create a customized recovery plan that addresses your specific needs and minimizes any potential downtime.


Increased security

We prioritize the implementation of DevSecOps practices, which involve incorporating security considerations right from the development phase. Additionally, we adopt the zero-trust architecture approach in our cloud products. By leveraging this security model, we ensure that there are no vulnerabilities or weak points within your cloud system.


Improved data analysis

As part of our ongoing commitment, we proactively and meticulously monitor the comprehensive infrastructure to ensure optimal system load, cost-effectiveness, and error-free operation. We employ advanced predictive modeling techniques to detect and mitigate potential issues, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.


Our Approach to Cloud App Development

At the heart of each of our solutions lies a relentless focus on product health and value. We blend a distinctive tech-savvy culture, a product-oriented mindset, and full commitment to achieving your business objectives.

Leveraging our 9+ years of cloud experience and extensive expertise in cloud development, we arm ourselves with the right tools to deliver custom cloud app solutions meeting the highest security and compliance standards. Our recommendations stem from a foundation of data, not trendy buzzwords—we employ intelligent systems to drive data-backed decisions and validate hypotheses.

Technical solutions that we develop seamlessly align with the specifics of your business domain. This includes understanding who your users are, how to streamline onboarding processes and optimize solution utilization, and what platforms to cover.


Engage them as early as possible and lean on their technical, strategic, and architectural expertise. One of the best things about them is their technical and thought leadership. If you’re going to work with Techstack, involve them in your story creation or architectural planning because that’s one of their strengths.

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Former VP Research & Development, Corel Corporation


Our Leading Cloud Experts

Oleksii Svystun

CTO, Software Architect, Elaborates on the technology strategy

Oleksii Svystun
Ivan Yeremenko

VP of Engineering, Leads the Tech Experts program and team

Ivan Yeremenko
Vladyslav Ushakov

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, Leads vital development initiatives

Vladyslav Ushakov

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