Cloud Platform For EV Charging Stations: Smart Tech, Smarter Charging

Helping an independent energy provider beat the competition and push all the right buttons with a custom cloud platform for EV charging stations. A software solution for our partner’s EV charging stations was developed as a part of a complex energy platform. The cloud product is aimed at 3d-party users to track, manage and analyze streamlining data direct from an EV charger.




Back End Development, Cloud / DevOps


California, US



The demand for electric vehicles is soaring, but the lack of efficient EV charging solutions is holding the process back. Users are frustrated by limited availability, long wait times, and the lack of reliable real-time data on charging station status. 

  • High-load infrastructure

With thousands of records being generated every few seconds, we needed to design a scalable cloud architecture capable of handling increasing data loads and minimizing potential bottlenecks. This involved optimizing data transfer mechanisms, addressing hardware and software limitations, and ensuring consistent performance under high-traffic conditions.

  • Data integrity

Designing a robust system for EV charging stations proved challenging due to the need for efficient data buffering, mapping, filtering, and transmission while ensuring data integrity. Our solution involved implementing sophisticated techniques to manage data spikes, optimizing algorithms to extract pertinent information, and employing reliable protocols for transmitting data.

  • Scalability and reliability

We needed to devise a solution that could accommodate fluctuating loads while adapting to evolving requirements. We emphasized the importance of robust error handling and fault tolerance mechanisms to ensure reliability. In addition, precise performance optimization was vital to maintain application responsiveness during peak usage.



In a close partnership with our partner, our tech experts were responsible for developing an innovative cloud-based solution. The product needed to cater to the specific needs of our partner but also be seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure.

Developed an MVP version of an IoT server for EV charging stations

As part of our collaboration with an independent energy provider, we successfully developed a minimum viable product (MVP) of an IoT server specifically designed for EV charging stations. This server integration enables seamless communication between the charging stations and our cloud energy platform, resulting in efficient monitoring and management of charging station operations. The MVP we built can handle thousands of records in mere seconds.

Implemented a data transfer mechanism to store historical data from EV chargers

We utilized a tagging system to facilitate the storage and retrieval of historical data. This allowed for advanced analyses involving charging duration, energy consumption, and charging patterns. Our user-friendly interface empowers EV owners to optimize their charging strategies based on important insights into their own charging habits. Additionally, the tag system ensured that the data stored was accurate and reliable, allowing for detailed reporting.

Ensured secure forwarding of data to the cloud

We prioritized secure data transfer to the cloud, ensuring robust encryption and confidentiality. It provided peace of mind to users and operators, boosts reliability, and enables charging data analysis and reporting

Incorporated OpenADR VEN implementation

This allowed seamless integration of EV charge units with the demand response programs using the OpenADR standard.

Cloud Platform For EV Charging Stations: Smart Tech, Smarter Charging

Technologies Used

We utilized an advanced technology stack to ensure efficient and reliable energy solutions for our independent energy provider partner. Our platform operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a robust cloud infrastructure offering scalability, security, and high-performance capabilities.


The workflow


Analyze staffing requests

Analyzing staffing requests involves reviewing the current team structure and identifying gaps in talent and skill sets.


Hold internal and external interviews

This strategy helps evaluate the candidates' soft skills, technical knowledge, and teamwork abilities to ensure seamless integration into the team.


Integrate new tech experts into an existing team

To ensure the seamless integration of new tech experts into an existing team, we emphasize effective communication, collaboration, and alignment on project goals.


Conduct regular process audits

By closely examining workflows, we can identify areas for improvement and ensure timely delivery of high-quality results to our partner.


Track progress on a daily basis

We employ agile methodologies, use sprint boards, and conduct daily stand-ups to monitor progress, identify delays, and take corrective measures to stay on schedule.


Take care of mentorship and training programs

To truly ensure that specialists are equipped with the latest tools, technologies, and techniques, we take care of mentorship and training programs. Providing these programs not only benefits tech specialists but also the overall competitiveness of our partner.


About the team

Through an outstaffing partnership with our client, we were able to bring on board the specific expertise required for the successful development of a custom cloud platform for their EV charging stations. Leveraging our extensive network of skilled professionals, we facilitated the swift acquisition of talent, putting our partner ahead of the competition.

Our outstaffing collaboration involved a rigorous selection process, ensuring the chosen candidates had the right mix of technical skills and experience to deliver on the project goals. Working seamlessly with our partner's in-house teams, our outsourced experts helped develop an innovative software solution that streamlines data flows from EV charging stations, enabling quick and easy analysis and management for third-party users.

Our outstaffing cooperation saved our partner time to market and bridged talent gaps, all while ensuring a distinctive competitive edge in the burgeoning EV charging industry.



By developing an MVP version of an IoT server, implementing a tagging system for historical data storage, and ensuring secure data transfer to the cloud, we've empowered users to find and monitor charging stations easily, receive notifications about their status, and optimize their own charging habits. 

In addition, OpenADR VEN implementation has enabled users to participate in demand response events, improving grid reliability and reducing energy costs. Our collaborative effort with our partner has resulted in a solution that greatly improves user experience and maximizes efficiency in the EV charging process. 

We’ve continued the collaboration with this partner to extend the functionality of a complex energy management system with more advanced features.

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