IoT Sensor Kit Solution for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

The IoT Sensor Kit solution was specially developed and implemented for a company in the manufacturing industry. The deployed devices included sensors for temperature and humidity, as well as an infrared camera that provided a heat map image of the surface temperature on the production line.


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Environmental factors impacting the product during production and storage were causing quality control problems for a company that specializes in roof materials. The manufacturer required a solution that could both give historical data for trend analysis and real-time monitoring of environmental variables in order to enhance quality control.

  • The manufacturer was looking for a tech partner to develop a proof-of-concept device with sensors for temperature, humidity, and an infrared camera to collect data on environmental conditions and surface temperature.

  • The solution needed to collect data from the sensors, save it in a local buffer for real-time monitoring, and display the results on a web app for the operator in real-time.

  • The results had to be saved to the cloud for further analysis.



In cooperation with Techstack, an IoT sensor kit solution was delivered that enabled the manufacturer to monitor the environment and product temperature continuously throughout production and storage without any interruptions to business operations.

Defined Core System Components and Tested for Optimal Performance

In cooperation with our partner, we defined the IoT sensor kit's core system components (Raspberry Pi Device, SSD, Wi-Fi, temperature/humidity sensors, IR camera) and created firmware for the devices that power the sensors. The solution also included an infrared camera that displayed the temperature indicators on the surface as a heat map. Each device was rigorously tested to ensure proper operation.

Custom Software & Cloud-Based Infrastructure for Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

We developed custom software (Python-based software, JavaScript, Charts, Web application) to collect real-time data from sensors and built a cloud-based infrastructure (GCP bucket, GCP BigQuery database, Firebase, Braincube, Digital Twins) for storage and analysis. A web application provided real-time monitoring and analysis of the collected data, and real-time statistics and production analytics were available at the cloud level.

Data Visualization

Data visualization and analysis enabled tracking of deviation from normal conditions, process supervision, and a better understanding of timing for production adjustments to reduce downtime.

Ensured Proper Functioning for IoT Sensor Kit Solution

Following the completion of the development process, we created connection and remote access instructions. Devices were connected in accordance with the instructions, and remote access and settings were established. Our team retested the devices to ensure proper operation.

Improved Quality and Gained Insights

After implementing our IoT Sensor Kit solution, the manufacturer was able to improve their manufacturing process and product quality, as well as gain valuable insights from the data collected by the sensors.

Temperature visualization

Technologies Used

Each component of this technology stack was meticulously tested to guarantee optimal performance, ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of the monitoring system in the manufacturing environment. Leveraging this comprehensive technology stack, we built an IoT solution that not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides invaluable data insights for our partner.

IoT Sensor Kit Solution for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

The workflow


Planning and gathering requirements


Defining core system components


Hardware development


Edge application development


Creating cloud infrastructure


UI presentation development


Releasing the product in the development environment




Releasing the product in the production environment


About the team

Our team was composed of skilled tech specialists who collaborated to develop, test, and deploy the IoT Sensor Kit Solution while adhering to industry-standard data protection and privacy requirements, ensuring the security of the solution.

Team composition

  • Tech Lead


  • Product Manager


  • FullStack Engineer


  • Front End Engineer


  • Software Engineer


  • Embedded Engineer


  • Manual QA Engineer


  • Automation QA Engineer




We built the IoT Sensor Kit Solution to meet the unique needs of our partner:

Real-time monitoring: The IoT sensor solution provided real-time monitoring of the production processes.

Valuable insights: The sensor data provided valuable insights on process adjustments that needed to be made to reduce issues and increase cost savings.

Cost savings: The company was able to save costs by using the insights from the sensor data to address the issue of over/undercooling of the product, which had previously led to downtime.

Forecasting: The solution provided forecasting capabilities, allowing the company to predict future trends and adjust its operations accordingly to prevent downtime.

Process improvements: By leveraging the predictive analytics provided by the solution, the company was able to identify potential issues and make process improvements to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our approach is based on developing a long-term, versatile solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses across various domains. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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