Patient Care via Mobile Symptom Logging and Heart Rate Monitoring

Our team developed a cutting-edge mobile application that allows patients to easily log their symptoms and track their heart rate data using a portable monitoring device. The app, built using React Native, provides a user-friendly interface for patients to record their experiences and access their health information on the go.




Back End Development, Cloud / DevOps, Front End Development, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design


Minnesota, US



Our team faced several challenges throughout the development process, including:

1. Accelerated Development Timeline

Our team of experts faced the challenge of completing the entire product, from design to deployment, within a tight two-month timeframe.

2. Seamless Backend Integration

To ensure a seamless user experience, our team had to integrate the mobile app with the partner's existing backend systems. This required close collaboration with the backend team, adapting to their preferences and constraints while ensuring a smooth flow of data between the app and the server.

3. Stringent Regulatory Compliance

As the mobile app dealt with sensitive patient data, we had to navigate a complex landscape of regulatory requirements. Our team meticulously studied and adhered to the guidelines set forth by Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and U.S. medical laws regarding data retention and privacy.



1. Agile Development Process

By managing sprints and conducting regular stand-up meetings, we maintained a clear focus on key milestones and adapted quickly to any changes in requirements or priorities.

2. Seamless Backend Integration

We worked closely with the partner's backend team to establish clear communication channels. Our developers implemented secure APIs and data exchange protocols to ensure a smooth flow of information between the app and the server, while minimizing the need for changes on the backend.

3. User-Centric Design

We crafted an intuitive and visually appealing interface that prioritized usability for the main target audience of patients aged 40 and above. The final design featured large, easy-to-read fonts, simple navigation, and clear instructions to accommodate users of all technical skill levels.

4. Cross-platform App from Scratch with Event Creation and Management

Using React Native, we built a cross-platform mobile application that provides optimal performance and compatibility across both iOS and Android devices. To facilitate better communication between patients and healthcare providers, the app allows patients to create custom events to record specific instances of symptoms or notable heart rate readings. Healthcare professionals can review these patient-logged events and analyze them alongside the heart rate data, enabling more informed decision-making and personalized treatment plans. We also implemented robust security measures, including multifactor authentication and data encryption, to protect patient information and ensure full compliance.


Technologies Used

To develop this cutting-edge mobile application, we employed a robust technology stack that ensures high performance, scalability, and seamless user experience.


The workflow

Our development process followed a structured workflow, ensuring the successful delivery of the mobile application with a focus on quality, efficiency, and user satisfaction.


Requirements gathering and analysis

  • Conducted thorough interviews with stakeholders to understand project goals and user needs

  • Analyzed existing backend infrastructure to identify integration points and potential challenges


UI/UX Design

  • Developed wireframes focused on usability and accessibility

  • Conducted user testing and incorporated feedback to refine the design


Development phase

  • Utilized React Native to build the mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms

  • Integrated with backend systems using secure APIs and data exchange protocols

  • Implemented multifactor authentication and data encryption to ensure patient data security


Quality assurance and testing

  • Conducted thorough unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing

  • Rigorous security testing to validate the effectiveness of the implemented security measures

  • Performed performance testing to optimize app speed and responsiveness


Deployment and launch

  • Prepared the app for submission to Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Ensured compliance with app store guidelines and healthcare regulations

  • Provided post-launch support and maintenance to address user feedback and ensure optimal performance


About the team

Our team consisted of highly skilled professionals, each contributing their expertise to the product's success.

Team composition

  • Project manager


  • Frontend developer


  • Backend developer


  • Manual QA engineer


  • UI/UX designer


  • DevOps engineer




The development and launch of this mobile app have significantly improved the way patients track their symptoms and monitor their heart rate data. By providing a user-friendly and accessible tool, we have empowered patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare journey, ultimately leading to better communication with their healthcare providers.

Moreover, the app's real-time symptom logging and heart rate monitoring capabilities have enabled healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions and provide personalized treatment plans and maintenance of heart rate devices. This has resulted in increased patient engagement, better adherence to treatment regimens, and improved overall health outcomes.

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The customer app, which was part of the overall web portal solution, was launched with great success. It offers a great user experience while operating with large data volumes and passes recurring security scans with no issues. Customers love its ease of use!

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