Case StudiesScalable Healthcare Data Integration for the Beats Screening Module

Scalable Healthcare Data Integration for the Beats Screening Module

The cutting-edge software solution was specifically designed to revolutionize the collection and analysis of heart rate data for medical devices in the healthcare industry. Our solution leverages a serverless microservice architecture on AWS and incorporates domain-driven design principles, along with comprehensive unit testing, to ensure the successful implementation of the solution.




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The device is designed to collect heart rate indicators with the primary purpose of dynamically analyzing heart performance over a one-month period. Its objective is to detect and respond to signals indicating any abnormalities. The IT infrastructure should involve processes such as data digitization, analysis, storage, transmission, and catering to the needs of stakeholders. The main challenges were: Integration: Integrating a new module built on Microsoft's latest technology stack (.NET 7) with an existing WPF application. Migration: Necessary migration to a serverless microservice architecture. Data Management: Ensuring proper data management practices for handling large amounts of data (millions of data points). Testing: Testing the new module and the backend system based on a serverless microservice architecture to ensure that the system is reliable and performs as expected. Testing data: Testing the new subsystem, which mainly manipulates raw binary healthcare-related data.



Techstacks' team of expert technologists closely collaborated with our partner to integrate a superior module, surpassing the capabilities of the existing system. This involved integrating tables, lists, and ECG charts with millions of data points. Our goal was to streamline workflows, improve diagnostics, and handle large data volumes efficiently.

Integration of the new module

Integrating the new module, built on Microsoft's latest technology stack (.NET 7), with an existing Windows Desktop Application (WPF) required careful planning and execution. Techstack adopted an iterative integration process that ensured a smooth transition, allowing for independent development and testing of the module while maintaining the integrity of the existing system.

Data management practices for handling large amounts of data

Techstack's expertise in data management practices proved invaluable. We implemented techniques such as CQRS, data denormalization, and view data preprocessing to optimize performance and scalability. This enabled healthcare companies to efficiently manage and process large volumes of heart rate data, streamlining their operations.

Migrating to a serverless microservice architecture

To ensure the reliability and performance of the new module and the backend system based on a serverless microservice architecture, we devised a comprehensive testing strategy. Through rigorous unit testing, integration testing, and system testing, we validated the system's capabilities and ensured it met the highest quality standards.

Empowered access and analyze data

We empowered healthcare professionals to access and analyze heart rate data with ease. The increased payload information, including detailed ECG data, enhanced the accuracy of diagnoses, ultimately leading to improved patient care.

Beat Screening

Technologies Used

While developing a scalable healthcare data integration for the beats screening module, our team leveraged a highly sophisticated technology stack designed to optimize heart rate data collection and analysis for medical devices in the healthcare industry. The primary technologies utilized in this solution include the .NET full framework 4.72, .NET 7, WPF, AWS, serverless, and PostgreSQL.


The workflow


Planning And Gathering Requirements


Integrating The New Module


Migrating To A Serverless Microservice Architecture


Releasing The Product In The Development Environment


Conducting Development Testing


Optimizing Performance And Scalability


Releasing The Product In The Staging Environment


Conducting Testing


Releasing The Product In The Production Environment


Implementing Continuous Improvement And Providing Support


About the team

Our team was composed of skilled tech specialists who collaborated to develop, test, and deploy the software solution while adhering to industry-standard data protection and privacy requirements, ensuring the security of the solution.

Team composition

  • Project Manager


  • Architect


  • Senior Developer


  • Manual QA Engineer


  • Automation QA Engineer


  • UX / UI Designer




Our solution simplifies doctors' work and aids in diagnostics, meeting the unique needs of our partner:

1. Improved Efficiency: Our software solution improves the efficiency of a healthcare company by streamlining processes and improving system performance.

2. Improved Data Analysis: The module includes tables and lists with hundreds of thousands of elements, and related charts with millions of points, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access and analyze data.

3. Scalability: The software solution is designed to be scalable, allowing healthcare companies to meet their growing needs without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

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The execution by Techstack has been excellent. The entire team exhibits a 'can-do' attitude, actively researching and implementing modern technologies for advanced solutions. When additional architectural expertise was needed, it was easily accessible. They also promote open communication among team members, resulting in effective collaboration and a cohesive working environment.

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