In today's competitive environment, where the high quality of a product is as important as the speed of its entry into the market, classic development methodologies cease to be effective.

Traditional approaches with sequential stages are being replaced by agile models with a focus on flexibility and scaling.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) is one of the most trending practices in software development. Based on short and rapid iterations, it allows for minimization of errors, acceleration of building, and improvement of final product quality.

To learn more about what CI/CD is and how this Agile model helps create products and implement new features better and faster, check out the infographic below:

CI/CD Pipeline

Short iterations of development, testing, and deployment in CI/CD significantly simplify the process of both introducing new features and creating a product from scratch. In addition, automated testing of separate modules ensures maximum reliability of new functionality and of the entire system as a whole.

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