Beginning as a new, buzzing hype in 2015, microservices have become a stable trend in 2020. Millions of enterprises around the world are moving from the classic monolith to the microservice architecture, and tech giants such as Facebook and Airbnb have developed and implemented their own unique stacks of microservice solutions.

In its annual report, Deloitte considers microservices to be 'portable, cost-effective, and not bound to a legacy infrastructure footprint' and declares that separation of application functionality provides the greatest opportunities for application modernization.

Obviously, microservice architecture, as a collection of separate independent modules, has many advantages, but it is still not a silver bullet for all enterprise tasks and in some cases,  monolith architecture can be more suitable.

To compare the advantages and disadvantages of microservices and the monolith, and to find out when an enterprise should switch to microservices, check out this infographic.

 Infographic - Monolith VS Microservices

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