In our previous article, we described the most anticipated trends in software development. Based on the research of authoritative companies, we tried to find out what businesses and technologies will outperform the rest. To make a long story short, nine technologies appeared to be the most promising in 2022 and following years. Some technologies from this list may soon turn the status quo on its head.

What do you think of artificial intelligence being able to create original content by itself using sample data on the web? The share of artifacts created this way is expected to reach 10% by 2025, experts say. Metaverse has revived the virtual and mixed reality industry, which is expected to become the new normal and the next chapter of our social interaction. Big Data could become stronger than ever as companies and even countries choose to exchange data to find solutions to worldwide problems, such as the fight with a coronavirus disease.

This infographic shows the numbers and predictions across the most promising technologies. Check out this illustration of the forces transforming now into the future.

Prominent Software Development Trends in 2022 | Techstack

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