Cross-platform Mobile App with React Native and Accessibility Optimization

Techstack partnered with the startup to overcome their challenge of finding a trusted engineering partner with high-quality standards to reduce the time from idea testing to market launch. With strong requirements for accessibility and user experience, our team of experts built a mobile application using React Native, delivering a cross-platform solution that excels in performance and functionality.

The application empowers users to create events where participants can earn points through various marketing activities, fostering a competitive and engaging experience. Techstack's expertise and "Can-Do" attitude allowed them to tackle the startup's challenges head-on, providing a fast time-to-market solution that meets their specific needs.


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Mobile Development, QA as a Service


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The startup team faced major challenges from the start, requiring the expertise of dedicated teams to address the following:

Cross-platform development: Ensuring consistent performance and user experience across iOS and Android platforms

React Native updates: Managing the complexity of updating to new versions of React Native and addressing compatibility issues with native modules to stay up to date on their launch

Accessibility support: Implementing comprehensive accessibility features to cater to users with visual, auditory, and other impairments, as required by US legislation

Chat functionality: Overcoming initial challenges to deliver a fully functional and user-friendly chat feature



Our team tackled the challenges head-on by leveraging their expertise in React Native and native iOS and Android app development.

We implemented a robust cross-platform architecture that ensures seamless performance across devices. The team also developed a streamlined process for managing React Native updates, minimizing compatibility issues and reducing development time. Based on our extensive experience, we determined the main patterns and flows that allow experts to fix the most common errors while maintaining well-functioning versions on both platforms.

To address accessibility requirements, the team worked closely with the product team to implement comprehensive accessibility features, including text-to-speech, gesture-based navigation, and compatibility with assistive technologies. We optimized the app's components to provide a smooth experience for users with disabilities, adopting a custom approach to development for each component on both platforms.

The team integrated a secure payment system using a third-party service that enables users to add bank accounts and withdraw funds safely and with equal speed on both platforms.

We also overhauled the chat functionality, transforming it into a reliable and user-friendly feature that enhances user engagement.


Technologies Used

To develop this cutting-edge mobile app, we employed a robust technology stack. This approach ensures high performance, scalability, and a seamless user experience across all platforms.


The workflow

We followed a standard agile workflow with an incremental approach to development and regular communication. The workflow covers the essential stages from requirements gathering to production release, highlighting the key activities and objectives at each step.


Requirements gathering and analysis

  • Thorough understanding of business logic and requirements

  • Identification of potential edge cases and scenarios


Task breakdown

  • Dividing large tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks

  • Ensuring clear understanding of each subtask's requirements


Development phase

  • Implementing the solutions based on the defined requirements

  • Following best practices and coding standards


Unit testing

  • Conducting thorough unit tests to ensure code quality

  • Identifying and fixing any bugs or issues discovered during testing


Accessibility optimization

  • Implementing accessibility features as per the product team's guidelines

  • Ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies and compliance with accessibility regulations


Staging environment testing

  • Deploying the solution to a staging environment for final testing

  • Comprehensive testing by the product team to ensure functionality, performance, and user experience


User testing (on the partner's team)

  • Engaging the UX Research team to conduct user testing sessions

  • Gathering feedback and insights from real users to identify areas for improvement


Production release

  • Deploying the tested and approved solution to the production environment

  • Monitoring the solution's performance and addressing any issues that may arise post-launch


About the team

Our dedicated team consisted of a skilled group of professionals working together to deliver a high-quality mobile application:

Team composition

  • Developers across multiple teams


  • QA engineers (manual and automation)




The startup's mobile app has become a resounding success, captivating users with its engaging model and competitive point-earning systems. The app's success is evident from its performance and user adoption, garnering praise from a wide range of users, including those with disabilities.

By leveraging React Native and the expertise of Techstack's dedicated team, our partners created a mobile app that not only delivers an exceptional user experience, but also showcases their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Techstack designed a flexible and resilient architecture, supporting the platform's growth over the years and ensuring consistent quality through unified development standards across the platform.

The app's success has positioned the startup as a leader in the industry, demonstrating their ability to overcome complex challenges and deliver a top-notch product. This is further demonstrated by the mobile app's impressive milestone of over 1,000,000 downloads.

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