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Leverage cloud development services

Harnessing the power of cloud technology and DevOps can bring advantages to technology products. You can reduce your development cycle times while optimizing costs.


Cloud Applications Development

Harness cutting-edge technology to craft custom cloud applications tailored to any task. From application development, software as a service (SaaS), hybrid apps, or general operations in the cloud. Our expert team will assist you at every stage of your product development.

Cloud Integration

Bridge the gap between ‘as-is’ processes and ‘to-be’ solutions. We specialize in integrating various services, from data to applications, to increase efficiency within your unique business model. Reduce integration bugs by relying on our experience and reliability.

Cloud Migration

Unlock your company's potential with our cloud migration services. We provide a secure and reliable transfer of your infrastructure and applications to the cloud, ensuring they meet the highest security standards. We can help you with a smooth infrastructure and application transfer to the cloud.

Cloud Architecture Setup

Our company provides robust and secure cloud architecture solutions for businesses. Our focus is on cost-effectiveness, allowing you to scale up your architecture quickly. We provide services from application reengineering in a service-oriented design to implementing microservices architecture and hybrid clouds tailored toward your needs.

Continuous Deployment & Delivery

Our DevOps engineers can improve your tech and business operations, allowing you to bring innovative products or services to market sooner than before. Leveraging reliable hypotheses testing by ensuring the product's success while boosting its efficiency in terms of speed, reliability, and testability.

Cloud Consulting

We will provide tailored solutions and an objective evaluation of existing systems. Our consulting services cover strategy development, readiness assessment, and implementation assessment to help ensure a smooth transition into cloud technology. Leverage all a cloud platform has to offer.

Integration of DevOps Practices

As a DevOps services company, we can help you implement the infrastructure as a code approach, integrate security initiatives into software development lifecycles (DevSecOps), and establish principles and practices of site reliability engineering (SRE).

Technology stack

We seamlessly improve our technical expertise and introduce the newest technology solutions. This is our approach — we exceed expectations to ensure the unparalleled quality of service.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Braincube Cloud


  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • Helm
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
  • PM2
  • Sentinel
  • Docker
  • Forseti
  • Docker Swarm
  • Vertex AI


  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI
  • TeamCity
  • AWS CodeBuild


  • NewRelic
  • DataDog
  • Instana
  • Papertrail
  • AWS CloudWatch

Case studies


Cloud computing development benefits


Lower costs

Cloud architecture can reduce your infrastructure spending dramatically while offering a flexible experience.


Enhanced scalability options

Get the ability to up-scale and down-scale instantly with the cloud. Prevent high-load problems and overspending on the infrastructure.


Improved flexibility

Make quick adjustments to the application infrastructure and keep up with business needs.


Data loss prevention

We can configure a robust backup system with redundant hardware and create a recovery plan to ensure the operation is seamless and user data is safe.


Increased security

We use DevSecOps practices and implement the zero-trust architecture in the cloud products we work on. With no holes in your cloud system, you can rest easy.


Improved insight in terms of data analysis

We actively monitor the entire infrastructure for system load, cost-effectiveness, and erroneous operation and build predictive models to prevent possible problems.


Our approach to cloud app development

The core of every solution we build is product health and value. We combine a unique tech-savvy culture, a product-oriented approach, and a strong focus on achieving business goals.

Our expertise and experience in cloud development and DevOps are instruments to provide you with the most optimal solution. We advise based on data, not hype—we use intelligence systems to make data-driven decisions and validate hypotheses.

The technical solutions we provide go hand in hand with business domain specifics, such as who the users are, how long it takes to onboard them, how they will use our solution, and what platforms it should cover.


Engage them as early as possible and lean on their technical, strategic, and architectural expertise. One of the best things about them is their technical and thought leadership. If you’re going to work with Techstack, involve them in your story creation or architectural planning because that’s one of their strengths.

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Mark Beare

Former VP Research & Development, Corel Corporation


Our Cloud / DevOps experts

CEO, Software Architect, Runs critical initiatives that make products grow

Ivan Ieremenko

CTO, Software Architect, Elaborates on the technology strategy

Oleksii Svystun

VP of Engineering, Leads the Tech Experts program and team

Ivan Yeremenko

DevOps Engineer, Elaborates on smooth development and operation

Dmytro Gamanenko




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