Looking back at the story of Techstack's first 10 years truly feels like reading an adventure book. A tale of big dreams, ambitious ideas, and lots of hard work that turned into something amazing. From our small start to going big worldwide, it's the story of Techstack. Get ready for a journey full of new ideas, a team that's like family in the best way possible, and making good things happen. This is the adventure of Techstack's first 10 years—join us for the ride!

The Starting Point

Back in the early days of Techstack, our mission wasn't just about meeting the status quo in the tech industry; it was about shaking things up and pushing the boundaries of what was possible. Led by Ivan Ieremenko, our CEO, our team had a vision: to go beyond the norm and set new standards in the Ukrainian tech sector.

Ivan Ieremenko


We started Techstack because we knew that we could do better than what the market of that time was offering. We had a clear goal of becoming true tech partners for our clients, which means we care not only about the tasks we are given, but about their success in general. We will always do everything and more to make sure that people we partner with will get the most out of it.

Guided by a vision articulated by Ivan together with Aleksey Svistun, our CTO, they aimed for a company that not only delivered outstanding results, but also left a lasting impact on our partners' businesses. This initial goal evolved into our mission: to bring high standards to the technology industry. It wasn't just about completing tasks; it was about making a real difference in the industry and making our development and quality assurance standards an example for others. From the very beginning, our focus wasn't solely on building a tech company; it was on cultivating a team driven by a shared passion for meaningful impact.

In its early years, Techstack created a sense of a tight-knit family, which still describes our team very accurately. In 2014, the team consisted of less than 20 people — it really felt cozy, and gave the real startup vibe where everyone pitched in wherever they could. We knew each other, everyone’s partners and kids, and even celebrated their birthdays together. But despite being small, we kept growing because we were clear about what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to do it. Our approach and dedication to quality attracted new partners and projects, setting the stage for the collaborative and innovative culture we have today.

Techstack from Inside

Techstack is more than just a tech company; it's a vibrant community shaped by seven core values, each serving as a compass in our collective journey.

  • People: We work with exceptional people who do exceptional things
  • Tech: Always be at the edge of technology
  • Quality: What we do, we do well
  • Creativity: Craft solutions to fit the business perfectly
  • Bravery: Challenge and be challenged
  • Ownership: Feel ownership of what's done and what needs to be done
  • Joy: Enjoy the collaborative and creative rhythm

Right from the start, we've been all about creating an environment where everyone can grow. We're big on learning and development. Our training and mentorship programs, for example, came around when we were just a team of 10. Even when we were a team of 10, we would constantly get together and have “mentoring sessions” where one of the team members would share his or her knowledge and expertise with others. Now, this has grown into an amazing experience-sharing activity for the internal team as well as a learning opportunity for those interested in software development. Our experts have built themselves into incredible speakers and mentors, who are always open to share their knowledge at webinars, podcasts and through other activities. This commitment to growth, culture, and sharing has been at the heart of Techstack since day one.

We're all about building a tight-knit community where we thrive together. We love bonding beyond the office, whether it's through team-building events, friendly sports competitions, hackathons, or just kicking back together after hours. These moments not only strengthen our professional ties, but also make our journey together a whole lot more fun.

Technological Landscape

Over the past decade, Techstack has been on a continuous journey of growth and expertise enhancement. A key element of our success lies in our distinctive practice of housing the entire development department for numerous projects in-house. This strategic choice not only underscores our unwavering commitment to quality, but also highlights our hands-on approach to product development.

According to our partners, collaborating with us means engaging with experts characterized by an open mindset and a "Can-Do" attitude. Unlike many, we embrace challenges, finding solutions, and fostering growth. Serving as both a technology advisor and a partner, we provide seamless access to our extensive knowledge and resources, acting as an all-in-one tech partner.

10 years ago, it all started with Back-end and Front-end expertise, and has now grown into a large pool of services we provide and technologies we cover. Today, our proficiency extends across a diverse range of domains and industries, including Logistics & Transportation, EdTech, Hospitality, eCommerce, Renewable Energy, Electricity Grid, IoT, Digital platforms, and Healthcare. Our portfolio boasts over 50 products, serving partners from more than 12 countries worldwide.

In our pursuit of innovation and growth, we actively participate in conferences, networking events, and other industry engagements. This continuous involvement allows us to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies. By being part of these events, we not only expand our knowledge base, but also contribute to the collective growth of the tech community.

But it's not all about what’s outside; we are very proactive in organizing hackathons, meet-ups, and sessions of the guilds, operating at Techstack. These activities aren't just about sharpening our skills; they're opportunities to bond, share experiences, and tackle challenges together. So, while we're staying ahead of the curve in tech, we're also fostering a tight-knit community within our team and beyond.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the present; we always think ahead of time, anticipating industry trends and technological advancements. Some of the teammates may recall the sessions we had in our Kharkiv hub in 2014-15, getting together and watching Facebook’s (at that time) presentations of React, and then implementing it right away.  And now, with over a decade of experience, we remain just as much dedicated to innovation, open to learning, and eager to embrace new challenges for the projects we undertake.

Impact Beyond Business

Another side of Techstack, which makes us incredibly proud of the people we work with, is that we are that proactive and determined, not only about implementing new technologies, but also about making a positive impact on the well-being of others. We always come together when it comes to helping the community and those in need, be it a blood donation, supporting disabled people or providing help to animal shelters—we are always up for that. It's also not just about planned events—whenever a teammate tells us someone needs help, we all come together quickly. In the last two years of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the amount of such requests has grown significantly, but we can proudly say that as a company and as individuals, we do everything in our power to provide as much support as we can for military and humanitarian initiatives.

This sense of kindness is not a corporate thing, you can’t ask people to be kind or make it an obligatory point on their CV, however the values we share cover more than work ethic and that's what makes us a true team. We love to know that our impact reaches beyond work. At Techstack, we believe in using our strength together to create positive changes that go beyond our daily jobs.

Nonstop Improvement and Innovation

Our journey at Techstack is marked by remarkable growth and resilience. What started as a small team of fewer than 10 people has burgeoned into a robust community of 160+ experts. Despite navigating through turbulent times, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in less than two years, we've established a presence across four offices in two countries, and we have ambitious plans for the future.

However, our growth story isn't just about numbers. Learning lies at the heart of our journey. We understand the importance of continuously improving our skills and knowledge to better serve the products we work on. Despite the hurdles of growing bigger, we've stayed true to the unique Techstack mindset among our growing team.

Apart from that, we're always on the lookout for innovations—whether it's in the services we provide, the technology stack we work with, new organizations and networking opportunities, or even simple tools for everyday work that can make our jobs easier and more efficient.

We've always been and always will be proactive in evolving our organizational culture, development processes, and quality standards. These efforts have been essential in ensuring that as we grow, we retain the essence of what makes Techstack unique—a commitment to excellence, innovation, and impactful contributions to the tech industry.

The Celebration

Techstack marked its 10th anniversary, in a nostalgic celebration reminiscent of the vibrant 2010s, diving into the joy of reaching this significant milestone. It was a time to traverse the corridors of time, reflecting on our beginnings and acknowledging the remarkable progress made over the years.

During the anniversary festivities, we took a journey down memory lane, revisiting pivotal moments and insights that have propelled Techstack to its current standing. Ivan Ieremenko, our CEO, laid out the strategic roadmap for Techstack in 2024, emphasizing our steadfast commitment to innovation and adaptability, vital traits in navigating evolving challenges and seizing opportunities.

As a part of our anniversary celebration, we made sure to show our support for Ukraine. We organized a charity fundraiser called “United”, taking place from January 8th to 22nd, aiming to raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. What made this fundraiser special was how everyone pitched in—not just with donations but by spreading the word to their friends and families, which led to a huge response from our extended community.

Throughout this time, collectively our team has raised an impressive 518,000 UAH, and Techstack added the significant amount of 2,000,000 UAH to this sum. Another part of the celebration was a charity auction where we auctioned off items made by our members and their relatives, and even items autographed by members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The proceeds from the auction were then added to the fundraiser, and donated to the Ukrainian army.

Thanks to the Team Behind It All

A decade of growth and achievement at Techstack wouldn't have been possible without our exceptional team. Each success, innovation, and positive impact is a result of the dedication and collaborative spirit of every team member.

We want to express our deep gratitude to our team for their enthusiasm and proactive involvement in initiatives beyond technology. Whether contributing to charities, supporting community activities, or fostering a vibrant team culture, your efforts embody Techstack's values.

A big thank you also to our partners, who have supported not only our business, but also our commitment to making a positive difference. Together, we've created a community driven by shared values and goals.

As we enter the next chapter, we're immensely grateful for the collective efforts that have shaped the last ten years. To our team, partners, and everyone part of this journey—thank you for driving Techstack's decade of success. Here's to many more years of innovation, collaboration, and meaningful impact!