At Techstack, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technological advancements through continuous learning and engagement. Over the past months, we've participated in some major tech conferences across the globe. Each of these conferences has provided us with unique experiences, valuable insights, and the opportunity to forge new professional relationships.

MWC Barcelona

Our journey began with the world-renowned MWC Barcelona conference, an event that goes beyond the traditional realm of telecommunications. Our Managing Director, Max Levitskiy, reflected on the experience, stating, "From the very first minutes, it became obvious that MWC Barcelona had reached a new level. This year, about half of the participants came from fields beyond telecom, and the prominence of technology was evident in all keynote speeches, panels, and conversations."

MWC Barcelona served as a profound reminder of the pervasive influence of technology across all sectors. It emphasized the importance of integrating Artificial Intelligence into our processes and shed light on the transformative role of the Internet of Things in shaping the future of technology. Max further elaborated, "AI will play a significant role in future growth opportunities. This will require investment and innovation across the entire tech value chain, and companies will need to participate in broader ecosystems to unlock the full potential of the technology."

RE+ Northern California

As we continued our conference journey, we attended the RE+ Conference, a gathering dedicated to integrating renewable energy assets. It was an enlightening experience that underscored the persistent demand for high-quality products, despite the ongoing crisis. Max found the event illuminating, stating, "Above all, it turned out to be further proof that despite the crisis, the development of high-quality products is still in great demand."

Our R&D Expert, Eugene Karachevtsev, also shared his thoughts on the conference. He expressed a preference for smaller, intimate events like RE+. He had the chance to engage with manufacturers and industry movers who are taking concrete steps to solve global climate problems. "It was a pleasant surprise to meet so many green energy representatives from Ukraine. We certainly have a lot to be proud of in this area," he said.

In addition to gaining industry insights, the RE+ Conference presented an opportunity to connect with passionate individuals and the vibrant Ukrainian community. The experience was doubly gratifying, as Max noted: "During this time, I was able to meet our current partners and new fantastic people who are passionate about what they do. Seeing them in another part of the world is doubly gratifying."

What's next?

As we look to the future, we are excited about our upcoming participation in OTC 2024 in Houston, TX on May 6-9, and Not Your Average AI Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada . We believe that these forthcoming events will offer fresh perspectives, provide opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, and contribute to our ongoing journey of discovery and growth in the exciting world of technology.
We invite you to join us at these upcoming events. Come connect with our team, gain insights into the evolving tech industry, and learn from our experiences. We're excited to share our journey with you and explore the endless possibilities in the world of technology together. See you there!