The year 2023 was a year of widening horizons, finding new paths, new solutions, and new opportunities. It was also a year of meaningful and empowering decisions and a year of teamwork.

This year, the Techstack team has once again proven that there are no obstacles that can keep us from delivering amazing results to our partners and making an impact on the tech world.

During this challenging year, Techstack has entered new markets, made new meaningful partnerships, widened its expertise in new technologies and domains, and showcased at various events all over the world. Looking back, we can definitely say that it was a year of changes and growth, and guess what? We're not slowing down anytime soon! So, join us as we reflect on the journey we've had, and get ready for even more tech excitement ahead!

2023 Highlights

Taking Over the World

The year 2023 was the year of opening new locations in many different ways: conferences, meetings with existing and potential partners, and many more. Let’s take a closer look at these activities.


This year, the Techstack team has been on the move, hitting up 14 conferences in 9 different countries. We've broadened our horizons, venturing into new markets and widening our network.

One standout was the TNW conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where we mingled with tech pros from all over the world.

The event was filled with exceptional knowledge, remarkable speakers, and valuable connections within the vast tech community. We presented our services and latest cases and showcased a customized device that we have created specifically for the event. It was assembled from Raspberry Pi and our custom motherboard.

Read more about our time at the TNW Conference here.

Another amazing experience of this year was being a part of the Ukrainian delegation at Slush—the world's leading startup event. This year Slush gathered 13,000 visitors, 5,000 founders, and 3,000 investors from all over the world. The Ukrainian startup ecosystem was presented by 13 resilient tech companies. It was a great honor to represent Ukraine alongside colleagues from different Ukrainian tech companies.

In addition to the Slush Conference, we were invited to an event called Ukraine Friends Night, where we got on stage for the panel discussion “Opportunities for collaboration between the Ukrainian and Finnish ecosystems now and in the future”. Max Levitskiy, our Managing Partner, gave a speech on how Ukrainian tech companies can address the talent shortage globally, and specifically in Finland. Additionally, he covered the advantages of near-shoring in Ukraine, including quality tech experience, favorable time zones, team flexibility, scalability, and cost-effective solutions.

Here you can find more info on this remarkable experience of ours.

These trips have not only expanded our geographical footprint, but have also fueled our passion for innovation and collaboration on an international scale.

Expanding to the New Markets

This year has been a game-changer for Techstack, as we've seized exciting opportunities to expand into new markets. Our efforts have opened doors to collaborative ventures with partners from diverse locations, and now our partner map includes the USA, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Czechia, the UK, Sweden, and Croatia, marking a significant step in our global outreach. These partnerships not only signify business growth, but also underscore our commitment to making Techstack a recognized name in fresh, dynamic locations.

Our services currently span across the aforementioned markets, however, their expansion is definitely a part of our plan. As we look forward to 2024, we have plans to widen the locations we are physically present at, with the USA poised to be the starting point.


In 2023, our commitment to fostering meaningful collaborations has seen Techstack welcome aboard 12 new partners in various industries including Renewable Energy and Electricity Grid; IoT; Digital platforms; Hospitality; EdTech; and eCommerce. These partnerships go beyond regular partner relationships; they represent shared goals, innovation, and a mutual drive for success.

Each new addition to the Techstack family brings a unique perspective, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our collaborative efforts. These partnerships are not just about expanding our clientele; they are a testament to the trust our partners place in us. We look forward to the shared successes and groundbreaking achievements that these collaborations will undoubtedly bring in the years to come.


As we look back on our journey of this year, we definitely have something to be proud of. In 2023, Techstack achieved significant recognition, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in the tech industry. Appfutura crowned us as the “Top App Development Company” and the “Top Custom Software Development Company” in Poland, underscoring our proficiency in delivering high-quality solutions. Additionally, our accreditation by DesignRush and TechBehemoths further emphasizes our dedication to industry standards. Techreviewer acknowledged us as one of the “Top Software Developers for Startups,” a testament to our innovative and adaptable approach. Clutch, a reputable review platform, bestowed 10 recognitions upon us, including naming us the top IoT company in Kyiv and Hong Kong, and recognizing our excellence in app development, software development, and software testing for supply chain logistics and transport. Noteworthy are the three 5-star reviews on Clutch, a reflection of the exceptional value we bring to our partners' projects. These recognitions validate our team's hard work and commitment, and we look forward to maintaining these high standards in the future.

We are immensely grateful and proud to consistently receive glowing reviews from our partners, and this positive feedback inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, striving for excellence, and delivering solutions that exceed expectations in the future.

Team Impact and Achievements

Techstack people played a pivotal role in shaping the company's journey throughout 2023. Beyond mere accomplishments, Techstack embodies a vibrant culture defined by dedication, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. Let’s take a closer look at the impactful strides made by our team.

Supporting Ukraine

This year, Techstack continued to donate, team members continued to create fundraisers, and support our army and our people.

Charity Initiatives

In 2023, Techstack continued taking meaningful steps in social responsibility, launching impactful initiatives that reflect our commitment to making a positive difference. As part of our well-being program, we initiated “The Relay of Life” in June, a blood donation drive supported by our Techstackers in Ukraine and Poland. Recognizing the significant impact of blood donation—where one person's contribution can save up to three lives—we facilitated the initiative by providing comprehensive guides on preparation and donation centers. Our team members actively participated, collectively donating around 3.5 liters of blood to benefit those in need.

One more important initiative, “Warmth instead of tulips” was timed to the 8th of March—International Women’s Day. As this day is a day of solidarity, equality, and women rights, we found it very important to underscore the rights of women in the Ukrainian army. Today, more than 57,000 women serve in the Ukrainian army, and more than 7,000 of them are on the front-lines. That is why in honor of this day, we have opened a fundraiser to help an organization called Zemliachky, which is supporting our female soldiers by providing them with tactical uniforms and shoes.

As a result of this fundraiser, we were able to buy 17 pairs of tactical shoes for our amazing female defenders.

Another notable initiative, “The Ray of Light,” was focused on helping 23 children in need from Yosypovychi village in the Lviv region. Going beyond mere financial contributions, our team gathered funds to purchase essential supplies, including hygienic products, fruits, sweets, and children's toys, personally delivering these items to the families.

The last initiative of 2023 took place in the beginning of December and was called ‘Winter has come.” This initiative was aimed at raising funds to provide our army with supplies for heating, because at the beginning of winter, this is one of the most important things.

We opened a fundraiser for this cause, and in a little less than a month, we were able to gather enough to buy 430 heating pads and 50 sets of thermals.

As we continue to engage in various social initiatives, such as supporting the Ukrainian army, organizing humanitarian hubs, and contributing to foundations aiding animals, our dedication to making a positive impact remains unwavering.

Ukraine Armed Forces Support

In the times we live in, we find supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces an essential activity for everyone, that is why we contribute to it as much as we can. As a company, we regularly contribute financial donations—since the beginning of the full scale invasion Techstack has donated 7,271,700 uah to a volunteering hub located in Kharkiv, organized by one of our members. This hub concentrates efforts on supplying front-line soldiers with essential goods and equipment.

We are immensely grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to initiatives supporting the Ukrainian Army. Our team members consistently demonstrate enthusiasm and proactivity, initiating personal initiatives and generously contributing both their resources and time to this meaningful cause. Their dedication is truly commendable, and we appreciate the collective spirit that unites us in supporting Ukraine. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to our partners who continue to stand by Ukraine and support its tech ecosystem. Together, we remain committed to making a positive impact and will continue doing so in the times ahead.

In 2023, Techstack's journey was not just about achieving milestones, but about cultivating vibrant cultures within our environments. These cultures are the heartbeat of our success, fostering innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of high standards. Let's delve into the unique aspects that define our tech and team cultures, shaping Techstack into a dynamic hub for continuous learning, creativity, and shared achievements.

Tech culture:

  • In 2023, we established not one, but three guilds—dynamic meet-ups where team members actively engage, discussing industry news, addressing questions, and sharing concerns. Our Agile, Web, and Architect guilds have once again proven to us that our team always strives for innovation, knowledge, and self-improvement. The guilds have also inspired some of the teams to create their own inspiration/discussion meetings and dive even deeper into the work they are doing. And of course, this is just the beginning, as in 2024 we plan to only expand the amount of guilds.
  • Another great achievement of 2023 is our experts' active contributions to the Techstack blog. This dynamic involvement marks our dedicated contribution to industry development and expertise sharing. 12% of Techstack members have generously shared their knowledge through insightful articles, and we extend our gratitude to each of them for their invaluable contributions. Don’t miss a chance to check out the pieces by our experts.
  • Throughout the year, we have also held a handful of meet-ups, providing a valuable platform for our team members to engage in meaningful discussions on crucial industry topics. These gatherings serve as more than just events; they are opportunities for our team to share and exchange knowledge, drawing from their diverse experiences.

Team culture:

When discussing the results of the year with our team leads and asking them what they are most proud of in 2023, each of them pointed to their teams, which speaks volumes about the dedication, passion, and ambitious drive that permeate every corner of Techstack. Now let’s dive deeper into some details of Techstack’s team culture of 2023:

  • This year, many of our teams met in person, despite being located in different cities and even countries. To us, this shows the dedication and appreciation of the culture, which we value a lot. One of the 7 values of Techstack’s culture is joy, which means we truly care about the community we create, the collaborative and creative atmosphere inside the team, and the well-being of our teammates. To support all of the above-mentioned values, we find it very important to provide the team with an opportunity to participate in different activities and get to know each other from various sides. Such activities include: organizing a cinema club, online team-building and corporate events, recording an internal podcast with team members, a lot of different well-being initiatives, and so many more.
  • We have also taken proactive steps in the field of team education, launching two new communication courses. Demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement, 46.2% of team members engaged in additional courses provided by the company.

As we celebrate the achievements of our team in 2023, we look forward to building on this foundation, fostering a workplace culture that encourages growth, collaboration, and continual improvement.

Here’s to 2024

In 2023, Techstack experienced resilience and formed meaningful partnerships, setting the stage for greater achievements in 2024.

Our vision includes expanding into new markets, active participation in industry events, and maintaining our commitment to excellence. Supporting Ukraine remains integral to our mission, and we'll continue contributing to initiatives making a real impact.

The success in opening new domains showcases our adaptability, with plans to explore more in the coming year. Thanks to our exceptional team and partners, Techstack is poised to make 2024 a year of remarkable achievements, and we invite our team, partners, and the wider community to join us on this exciting journey.

Here's to the future, where possibilities are endless, and together, we will reach new heights!