The Techstack team has just come back from the Slush conference in Helsinki, and let us tell you—it was a blast!

What’s It All About?

Slush is a technology conference held annually in Helsinki, and over the past few years, it has become one of the leading European events in the field of entrepreneurship. In 2023, the focus revolved around emerging sectors such as Dual-use Tech, Drones, AgriTech, Energy, GreenTech, MedTech, Cybersecurity, and AI. It was a great opportunity to showcase our expertise in these cutting-edge fields and connect with like-minded professionals from around the world.

This is not our first time attending Slush, and this year Techstack was represented by our Managing Director, Max Levitskiy, and R&D Expert, Eugene Karachevtsev. They had an amazing time and brought back a lot of inspiration and positive emotions.

Max Levitskiy

Managing Director

I often travel around the world, so I can confidently say that Finland is one of the few countries where the number of Ukrainian flags is only growing. Everyone I met — our existing and potential partners, aspiring startups, and seasoned entrepreneurs — said heartfelt words of encouragement and admiration for our resilience.

I was even more honored to represent Techstack Ltd this year as a member of the Ukrainian delegation and technical partner of Slush. I am grateful to Yuri Kozik 🇺🇦🇫🇮, thanks to whom we have the opportunity to support Ukraine and show what our startups are capable of.

Eugene Karachevtsev

R&D Lead

Attending Slush 2023 was a great experience. The event, held in Finland, showcased impressive global business strategies. The organizers did a fantastic job, making everything run smoothly.

The Finnish community at Slush was diverse, with startups, IT businesses, and solid support from funds and investors. It was clear that everyone was there with a purpose – to network and make meaningful connections. What stood out was the presence of Ukrainian startups, covering everything from drones to solar panels. SolarPlex, in particular, showcased Ukraine's innovation on a global stage.

Having been to Slush for the second time, I'm already looking forward to the next one. It's more than just an exhibition; it's a hub for global innovation. Looking forward to seeing what the next edition brings!

Ukrainian Delegation at Slush

We were a part of the Ukraine delegation and had a dedicated corner, where together with colleagues from different Ukrainian tech companies, we had some great chats about how we can use our strengths to grow Ukrainian-Finnish cooperation and discussed various possible projects with other  conference attendees. We appreciate such a networking opportunity, and having key figures from different sectors and companies made the conversation even better, showing there's lots of potential for fruitful partnerships.

This year Slush gathered 13,000 visitors, 5,000 founders, and 3,000 investors from all over the world. The Ukrainian startup ecosystem was presented by 13 resilient tech companies.

We are still in awe from the amount of truly inspiring and interesting speeches, new connections, the organization, and the event itself—this is truly a one-of-a-kind and must-visit event for anyone involved in business.

Ukraine Friends Night

In addition to the Slush conference itself, we were invited to attend a closed event of the official Ukrainian delegation—Ukraine Friends Night. During Ukraine Friends Night, Ukrainian startups had an opportunity to pitch their products to international investors and technology companies, as well as the Finnish government, who were guests of the event. Another part of the night was a panel discussion “Opportunities for collaboration between the Ukrainian and Finnish ecosystems now and in the future”, which our Managing Director, Max Levitskiy, was a part of.

Max’s speech highlighted the role of companies like Techstack in addressing the global tech talent shortage, particularly in Finland. He emphasized the advantages of near-shoring solutions in Ukraine, showcasing our country's large pool of skilled IT professionals, cost-effectiveness, and its growing startup ecosystem. He also mentioned the impact on Ukraine’s economy, detailing how integrating Ukrainian talent into global projects not only addresses talent shortages but also stimulates economic growth and attracts foreign investment. Additionally, he covered the advantages of near-shoring in Ukraine, including quality tech experience, favorable time zones, team flexibility, scalability, and cost-effective solutions.

Having shared the stage, communicating and hearing opinions and ideas of like-minded colleagues during Slush and Ukraine Friends Nights has really made it an unforgettable experience.

To Be Continued

In conclusion, our experience at Slush '23 and the exclusive Ukraine Friends Night was truly inspiring. Slush provided a global stage for Techstack to showcase expertise in cutting-edge tech fields, make meaningful connections, and support Ukraine on an international scale. Ukraine Friends Night added another layer, allowing us to engage in impactful discussions and reinforce our commitment to cross-border innovation. These events not only highlighted our dedication to the tech landscape but also underscored the power of collaboration on a global scale.

Here’s to Ukrainian-Finnish future cooperation and more amazing events!