Over the past few months, Techstack team has traveled through some of the world's leading tech conferences, from eMerge Americas to OTC 2024 and UpperBound, which have provided us with invaluable insights into the evolving tech landscape, new connections and experiences.

We’re excited to share highlights from these events and give you a glimpse of where we’re heading next.

eMerge Americas: Miami's Transformation into a Tech Hub

“Just 3–4 years ago, I associated Miami exclusively with resorts, surfing, and nightclubs. However, my latest trip to the eMerge Americas conference completely changed my perception of the city,” remarked Max Levitskiy, Managing Director of Techstack.

Florida's startup ecosystem has shown remarkable resilience despite economic challenges. With $2.41 billion invested across 393 deals, the region is emerging as a significant hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. While FinTech leads the charge, industries like HealthTech, ClimateTech, and CleanTech are rapidly gaining traction.

Max's experience with the local tech community solidified his view that Florida is more than just palm trees and beaches—it's a breeding ground for groundbreaking technologies.

UpperBound 2024: AI at the Forefront

“Traditionally, every December, experts compile ratings of technologies that will advance a particular industry throughout the following year. It seems that in 2024, there is simply no need for this, because artificial intelligence will still be at the forefront no matter what industry you look at,” said Anton Ivanchenko, Global Partnership Manager at Techstack.

At the UpperBound 2024 conference in Edmonton, AI's impact on various industries was a central theme. Thousands of attendees from around the world gathered for four days of AI-focused learning, discussions, debates, and collaboration. Anton highlighted the value of practical insights from experts like Adam Asquini, Aidan Gainor, and Alex Kearney, emphasizing that understanding how to achieve AI-driven goals is crucial for leveraging new opportunities.

OTC 2024: Discovering Tech Opportunities in Texas

Eugene Karachevtsev, R&D Lead at Techstack, recently attended the OTC 2024 conference in Texas. He observed that while Silicon Valley’s mild climate, educational opportunities, and job prospects have historically made it the epicenter of the tech industry, there is a growing trend among medium and large businesses to seek alternatives.

Texas is becoming a favored destination for tech companies due to its lower living costs, excellent infrastructure, and favorable tax laws. Giants like Tesla, Oracle, and Hewlett Packard have already made the move. Eugene noted that the innovation and openness of Austin and Houston's residents definitely made Texas a place he plans to return to soon.

Where To Next?

Our journey continues with exciting conferences on the horizon. Here’s where you can meet us next:

These events promise to be rich with opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. We invite you to join us at our upcoming events to gain insights, connect with our team, and learn from our experiences. We're excited to share our journey with you and explore the endless possibilities in the tech world. See you there!