The Techstack team has just returned from the TNW ’23 Conference in Amsterdam and let us tell you, it was a blast!

Two days filled with amazing people, insightful sessions, and a great atmosphere.

The Next Web Conference is a conference with the energy of a festival, an event where international industry leaders, policymakers, startups, and investors come together and build toward a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future.

Maksym Levitskiy, Techstack’s managing director, had participated in last year’s conference as a visitor, however the TNW ‘23 was Techstack’s first ever experience of having a booth and being a sponsor of the conference. It could not have been better. Max and Eugene Karachevtsev, our software engineering lead, had a great time meeting industry colleagues, representing our achievements, learning about the latest tech innovations, and widening our network for successful future partnerships.

Techstack at the TNW '23 Conference

As we specialize in both software and hardware development, this year we have decided to showcase a customized device, which we have created specifically for the event. It was assembled from Raspberry Pi and our custom motherboard.

This device measured the temperature and humidity in the room, and with the help of the software we wrote, displayed it on the screen. Considering the fact that the temperature in the pavilion was very high, this device got a lot of attention. Even other exhibitors came up to us to check the indicators.

Customized device created by Techstack for the TNW '23 Conference
“This was my second time at the TNW conference. I first went there last year, and despite the hard times for Ukrainian businesses, we were able to connect with two local companies and partner with them. We have widened our geography and our portfolio, as well as received a lot of support from companies all over the world.
That is why this year I already knew what to expect from the TNW and was very excited about it. When we had just arrived in Amsterdam, we met with our partners, and it was very nice seeing them face to face again.
Our booth  got a lot of attention, and when people found out where we are from, we heard a lot of words of support and admiration.
We have created many new connections, who have shown a lot of interest in the IoT solutions we can provide. As it aligns very well with our main priorities and latest projects, we have had a lot to show them ”

Maksym Levitskiy, Managing Director @Techstack.

“I enjoyed the conference a lot. The organization and the event itself were great. I was very happy to see a lot of exhibitors from Ukraine.
We made a lot of valuable connections with industry colleagues and partners, and will definitely come again.”

Eugene Karachevtsev, Software Engineering Lead @Techstack.

Techstack at the TNW '23 Conference

We are extremely happy to participate in such events, and witness the latest tech industry trends. It gives us great motivation to continue delivering the most innovative software solutions and makes us once again realize that nothing is impossible with dedication and a great team.