As the year comes to an end, we like to take time to reflect on what has been achieved throughout the last 365 days. Despite numerous challenges, we noticed that there is always room for growth, and we prove it through our achievements, events, new and old projects, partners, and team members.

Guided by our mission and vision, we started the year with enthusiasm and great expectations. 2020 was quite successful for us in terms of growth, so we expected no less significant results from 2021. Let’s take a look at what we achieved this year.


We entered the year 2021 at the size of 110 people and expanded our team up to 160 people in 12 months. This represents a growth rate of 30%. Each of Techstack’s departments has grown significantly.

Here is exactly how much:

  • Engineering Department: from 83 to 120 (30%);
  • Marketing Department: from 3 to 6 (50%);
  • Sales Department: from 4 to 6 (30%);
  • Design Department: from 2 to 4 (50%).
Techstack Growth

By the end of the year, Techstack added 11 prospective accounts and has no plans to stop. In addition to our growing number of partners, Techstack also saw growth in their geographic distribution. Techstack’s experts started working on products from Australia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. A few new technologies were added to our portfolio including AI, IoT and Big Data.


Rankings, Listings & Awards

The year began with our first award, which summed up our achievements from the previous year. Techstack has been awarded the title of best Upwork Web, Mobile & Software Development Agency in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 2020.

Later this year Design Rush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with vendors, marked Techstack as a top mobile app development company in several categories:

  • Android App Development Agencies
  • iPhone App Development Companies

At the close of the year, Clutch recognized Techstack as one of the Top 30 Custom Software Development Firms. Placed 27th, we have outpaced 20,131 other software development companies from all over the world.


To improve our collaboration experience we launched a communication direction in the company. Now Techstack’s communication experts analyze how we interact with our partners and provide recommendations on how to improve these relationships.

Our partners have thoroughly reviewed our efforts, and this motivates us to constantly improve and progress, offering the most suitable solutions to every business.


One of Techstack’s values is Quality, which means that all we do, we do well. That is why we steadily improve and expand our trainee programs for our interns to pass on our skill, knowledge and high standards to a new generation of engineers and managers.

This year we launched four new Trainee Camps, so now we cover seven directions in general:

  • Full-stack JS
  • .NET
  • QA Automation
  • QA manual (new)
  • Trainee Scrum master (new)
  • Trainee Front-end (new)
  • Trainee Java (new)

This is a great opportunity for beginning engineers to have a soft launch in their careers. However, each Camp has strict selection criteria: only 1 out of 100 candidates enters the camp, and people sometimes still leave the training because they find it quite challenging to meet our quality standards.

We also contribute to the development of our experienced team members and created several opportunities for them:

  • Tech Competition, a hackathon aimed at developing new skills and algorithmic thinking;
  • Tech Debate, a competition to create an expert community and train argumentation skills;
  • Tech Clubs, meetups to learn and improve professional knowledge in new technologies.

To give each individual an opportunity to cultivate their skills and grow professionally, we developed roadmaps for experts who aim to become Tech Experts in their domain or Mentors, who see their role in helping young professionals find their way in the technology industry.


Corporate social responsibility is not alien to Techstack. We kept expanding our charity activities in different domains. In 2021 we had a chance to contribute to:

  • Children’s Cancer Fight Day

Each year, around 300,000 children aged 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer. Techstack donated bactericidal air recirculation units and infusion sets to provide little patients with fresh and safe air when they are battling with the disease.

  • Biodiversity Day

We celebrated UN biodiversity day by planting 1350 forest trees in collaboration with a local environmental care organization @mamaplantatree. To remind us about the importance of saving the woods and the contribution we made, each techstacker got an eco cube for planting a houseplant pine.

  • Pets Care Initiative

One hot summer day, we went to share our love and attention with unsettled pets. With a group of 32 techstackers, we walked dogs that live in a shelter and brought them meals and equipment for comfortable keeping.

  • St Nicholas Charity Initiative

Each year we help those in need on St Nicholas day. This year, 36 Techstackers will give medicines, blood pressure monitors, and other critical supplies to senior people who live with no care.

What’s Next?

We are entering the year 2022 delighted and satisfied with what we have achieved. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers, who have steadily challenged us and encouraged us to reach new heights of technical and business excellence; to our team, as we deeply value each personal contribution - all you guys make our success possible; and to our partners, who support our growth and development.

2021 has been a great year for Techstack, but even more is ahead. Let’s move to the future together! We are always happy to be there for you, to offer the best solutions to your challenges, to support your growth, and reinforce your ideas with technical means.