On February 24th, 2022, almost all of Techstack’s team members woke up at 5 A.M. to the sound of bombs exploding — the Russian army had attacked Ukraine. In three weeks, this tragic war has resulted in thousands of deaths, injuries, destruction, and displacement of innocent civilians across Ukraine and beyond. There is no way to justify the war or those responsible for it. Our biggest desire is to stop this horror and return to our peaceful life.

Despite the war, Techstack is continuing to function and to fulfill all obligations to its team and partners. Here is how we manage to survive:

Techstack Team

Our people are one of our greatest values, so we are doing our best to take care of our members. Techstack’s Emergency Response Team regularly checks if somebody has an immediate need for financial support or any other help. We have set up a fund to help those of our colleagues who require financial support to remain in Ukraine as well as for those who are being forced to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

Techstack coordinates the evacuation of our team members and their families via personal vehicles, buses, and trains. The company also helps team members find a place to stay during the evacuation, since this process can take up to a week. We divided the company into small groups, each of which has its own manager who is able to assist with all inquiries and find answers to any question.

Our biggest goal is to keep each team member safe and employed, and we promise that none of the techstackers will lose their position in the company.

Techstack Partners & Products

First of all, we would like to thank our partners for their constant support and for staying with us in this challenging situation. Each of our accounts has not only stayed with us but kept supporting individual team members and the country in general. Our partners helped us find places for our colleagues to stay during the evacuation process, coordinated the movement through the country, and provided financial aid to the Ukrainian Red Cross. We are extremely proud to partner with such wonderful people and are grateful for their constant support.

From our side, we stick to all the obligations we have and keep developing and maintaining the products of our partners. Our colleagues in Kharkiv, all over Ukraine, and abroad keep working every day proving that they are high-level experts that are able to work under any conditions and provide quality solutions to partner businesses. Every day we make sure that each techstacker is in a safe place and has good mental, physical and material conditions to perform his/her work.

Techstack Future

We are absolutely sure that soon we will all meet in peaceful Ukraine in our new Kharkiv office. The Techstack team is not giving up and is already building a corporate development plan, which includes launching another European office in the very near future.  

If You Want to Help

We know that today the whole world is supporting Ukraine and doing everything to put an end to war. At Techstack, we are convinced that every little bit matters. If you don’t want to stand aside and wish to help but don’t know how, here is the list of things that can be useful today:

There are multiple organizations that are actively providing humanitarian support to Ukraine. You can choose which one to support:

  • Doctors Without Borders ships emergency medical supplies, provides basic mental healthcare, and helps people safely get to healthcare facilities.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross is responding to urgent humanitarian needs and providing overall assistance.
  • International Medical Corps is expanding access to medical and mental health services for those living in affected communities, and working to help refugees.
  • Hope Project is shipping essential medicine and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians.
  • UNICEF is providing humanitarian supplies to families and children without safe water or electricity due to the conflict.
  • Voices of Children is helping children affected by the war, providing non-stop assistance to children and families from all over the country, emergency psychological assistance, and assisting in the evacuation process.
  • Internews supports independent media and at-risk journalists to spread information about the war.


If you are unable to help financially, you can always spread information about the violence and destruction that is happening in Ukraine. Post on social media, tell your friends, inform organizations that can influence the situation. Even the smallest contribution matters.

Host Ukrainian people

Many Ukrainians are leaving their homes and fleeing to other countries. If you can provide any assistance in your location or give a place to stay for some time, please do. We believe that the war won’t last long and hope to be back home soon.

Summing Up

Techstack would like to thank everyone who supports us in this challenging time. We are not giving up and we will keep moving forward: maintaining our partners’ products, supporting our colleagues, hiring new team members, making plans for the future. We believe that soon the war will be over and we will all be back to our beautiful and peaceful Ukraine. Peace is the only thing we need right now.