A Platform That Automates Delivery and Pick-up Service for Restaurants

ServeMe Menu is a platform that automates delivery and pick-up service for restaurants, improving customer and business efficiency. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ServeMe created this free product to help existing clients stay afloat and keep their operations running smoothly.




Back End Development, Front End Development, Software Testing





In early 2020, the hospitality industry faced severe challenges. The communication between staff and guests needed to transform into a fully remote experience to survive. The only customer service option was to build a delivery and pickup solution to help our clients as soon as possible.



To help businesses implement this option and stay in contact with clients, we decided to supplement ServeMe with new functionality which would automate delivery and pickup service.

The task required an urgent solution, which is why we developed a new product in record time – one month. Based on React, which we use for all future product updates, the application fits technically into the central platform, thereby expanding its functionality.

As a response to the challenges at hand, we developed an additional module for ServeMe Order that included the following features:

  • Choose delivery options and place an order

  • Updated and expanded order statuses

  • Added a delivery person role to staff roles

  • Admin panel update to display the projected delivery time

  • Rating client’s staff responsible for gathering the order

  • Rating the delivery person."

A Platform That Automates Delivery and Pick-up Service for Restaurants

Technologies Used

In order to create ServeMe's innovative delivery and pickup solution, we utilized a powerful technology stack to ensure that the product was efficient, reliable, and user-friendly.

A Platform That Automates Delivery and Pick-up Service for Restaurants

About the team

Regarding reaching our product goals, the team relies on the Scrum methodology for our processes and the OKR system for setting and tracking our objectives and key results. This combination helps us stay organized and focused on our end goal while still allowing for agility and adaptation as necessary.

Team composition

  • Project Manager


  • Back-end developers


  • Front-end developers




The product attracted new clients, such as restaurants and cafés, to try the ServeMe platform, increased their loyalty, and boosted sales of other ServeMe products – Order and Menu. Our solution was provided for free, which helped numerous businesses to keep operating during the pandemic.

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