MVP Defects Clean-Up Before The First Time to Market

A tourism startup that had no strong process formalization, consisting of several developers, designers and a product manager, needed to develop an MVP version in several months to test their business idea with real users.




QA as a Service


Illinois, US



As a QA team tasked with providing testing services to a tourism startup's MVP product, we faced numerous challenges due to the limited time, lack of QA processes, and testing documentation. However, despite these obstacles, we managed to deliver a high-quality product that exceeded the client's expectations.

Limited time: With just three weeks to clean up the product before its release, there was little room for error. We had to work quickly and efficiently to ensure that all issues were identified and resolved before the product was released.

No prior QA sessions: Throughout the entire development process, the minimum viable product (MVP) did not undergo testing. As a result, potential issues may have gone unnoticed until later stages, which could have adversely impacted the product's success.

Lack of testing documentation and QA processes: Our team first conducted a detailed analysis of the product to identify its key features and functionalities. We then developed comprehensive test cases and strategies to ensure that all aspects of the product were thoroughly tested. Despite not having any testing documentation, we were able to quickly understand the product's requirements and develop a comprehensive testing plan to validate the product.



First of all, the QA service team investigated all implemented stories. Based on the definition of done criteria of each story, we created a testing checklist for final regression testing. We added all detected defects to the partner-side bug tracker. The QA team members participated in daily standups with the development team, provided quick feedback of application defects, and highlighted issues found.


Technologies Used

In order to effectively tackle the defects and shortcomings of the MVP, it was crucial to have a robust technology stack in place. Our team of experts leveraged a variety of tools and technologies to support the QA process and ensure that the MVP was ready for launch.

MVP Defects Clean-Up Before The First Time to Market

The workflow



Get access to product and development environment and investigate project requirements documentation.



Integrate into communication with development team.



Build testing check-list.



Perform testing according to defined test plan and highlight observations to the team.



Prepare final QA service execution report.


About the team

We dedicated the QA service team to investigating the product and running tests.



The product MVP was successfully launched on time without any major defects and received positive UX feedback from its first real users, making a great impression in the market. However, during service execution, we identified several major and critical issues, including edge-case defects. 

To ensure a smooth future for this product, we have created a functional checklist for future regression testing phases.

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