We are happy to announce that in November 2022, Techstack launched the first delivery hub in the heart of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Located in the city center, the new space provides a safe and secure environment for those team members who relocated to Kyiv from Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities after the outbreak of the war.

For unforeseen situations, the new hub is equipped with a 160 kW power generator, which is enough to cover all needs. To compensate for the possible loss of mobile and Internet connection, the company purchased a Starlink. The building is also equipped with underground parking, which works as a bomb shelter during shelling and offers our team an Internet connection, snacks, and beverages. Thus, the new location will help the Techstack team in Kyiv to work in comfort even under conditions of emergency power outages and communication interruptions.

“Before the war, our growth strategy was built vertically: we aimed to expand within Kharkiv, developing the local IT community. The war forced our team to move all over Ukraine. So we revised our development strategy, and now we are growing horizontally. The opening of the Kyiv location brought us one step closer to ensuring Techstack’s presence in all major Ukrainian cities." — says Ivan Yeremenko, CEO at Techstack.”

Working together in the Kyiv hub, Techstack will provide the team with possibilities of tighter collaboration and create a nurturing environment for insight generation. We are glad that after a long remote period, we were able to give people back the opportunity to work together in one space and to feel engaged and inspired by teamwork and mutual support. This is something that we really missed.

With a Wrocław hub in Poland, the new Kyiv location and the future space in Lviv, Techstack will end the year 2022 with three new delivery centers. We are sure that this year’s rapid expansion will become a solid foundation for further growth.